Epic Tales

There I was. Up against the swollen banks of the Amazon river. I could see the hungry piranhas churning up the water. I could also see the amber eyes of the jaguar as it slowly approached me. I saw only one way out. Grab the vine just in front of me and swing to safety. I recognized too late that the vine was actually an anaconda snake.

“Oh my goodness! What happened next?”

Well, I died, of course!

“Ooooo, that was good. Tell me another one.”

Okay, here’s an epic tale that will tell you the deeds of a real Hero.

Once upon a time before time, there lived a Prince with His Father. They decided they needed a plan to help the people of Earth. So the Prince chose to come from His Kingdom, in disguise, by becoming a baby. Only a few select people knew who He was. The others that He visited were too caught up in their own selfishness to really see Him. This made them angry. And what do hurting, angry people do? They lash out at the one “making” them angry.

Well this is what happened to the Prince.

One of His close friends turned on Him and handed Him over to the authorities. His other friends deserted Him. The crowds of people demanded His death. He was cruelly beaten, forced to carry the means of His crucifixion upon His bloodied back, and then was laid on that cross and nailed to it.

“Oh my goodness! What happened next?”

Well, He died, of course.

But that’s not the end of this epic tale. No sir! After three days of laying in a tomb, He rose from the dead!

“What? Really?”

Yes. That’s where the hero part of this tale comes in. At any point during His ordeal, He could have commanded His Father’s host of Angel Armies to come and save Him. At no point did He have to take all our pain onto Himself. He chose to. He and His Father loved us all so much, that they were willing to go through all of that, so we could be brought back into intimate fellowship with them. All we have to do is ask the Prince to reside in our heart, and He will.

Their plan also included another member of the Kingdom. Once the Prince returned to the Kingdom, to make a place for all who invited Him into their lives, He gave us the Comforter Spirit, who lives in us and helps us every single day, to get ready for when we too return to the Kingdom to spend eternity with the Father and the Prince, His only Son.

“Ooooo, that is much better that you dying in the Amazon.”

I know, right?

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