I’ve got nothing

I’m going to tell you upfront, I am the kind of friend who will do nothing for you. This post is going to be chock full of nothing, and trust me, you will thank me for the hope nothing brings you!

I was looking up some things to send a friend of mine on hope and came across this quote from actor Bob Hope, “Bing Crosby and I weren’t the types to go around kissing each other. We always had a light jab for each other. One of our stock lines used to be, ‘There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for Bing, and there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for me.’ And that’s the way we should go through life—doing nothing for each other!”

Best of all God is just like that too. “For the LORD God is our sun and our shield. He gives us grace and glory. The LORD will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.” (Ps. 84:11 [NLT])

He will withhold nothing!

This really struck home this morning while I was out doing my ranch chores. I was pondering a trial I’m going through, and I determined I was done letting it steal my joy anymore. I told myself while I look forward to spending all eternity with Jesus in heaven, how wasteful I am with my time now. While it is okay for me to live eternity minded, why I am not taking more advantage of the unlimited access I have to Jesus right now?!

He has given me another day to enjoy His presence, and I’m worrying? How very sad. Then I remembered my little book where I right down things to encourage myself in the Lord. (See 1 Sam. 30:6) April 1, in Jesus Calling included this, and I made it my declaration to Jesus.

I declare, I will live above my circumstances. I will accept each day just as it comes, and find You in the midst of it all. I will talk to You about every aspect of my day, knowing it will be successful when I stay in touch with You. Holy Spirit, I ask You to please guide me moment by moment through this day.

Hold on, I have more nothing to give you that ties in with this. I am so full of nothing, it is overflowing to you!

Jesus put a little piece of heaven in my heart, so I will never settle for less. I will remind myself of the spacious living conditions ahead. It is what I trust in, and that keeps me going. With Your help Lord, I will enter a wide-open, spacious life. I will not let negative things stop me, distract me, steal my joy, or fence me in. I will not live small. I will open up my life like a daily gift, and live it expansively! (Based on 2 Cor. 5:5,7-8 & 6:11-13 MSG)

God created everything out of nothing. It says so in the first verse of the first book of the Bible. (See Genesis 1:1)

Luke 1:37 says nothing is impossible for God.

Phil. 4:6 tells us to be anxious for nothing.

So today I ask you to do nothing with me today, and watch your life expansively open up! Nothing from God is everything! See, that is hopeful, isn’t it? I told you so.

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19 thoughts on “I’ve got nothing

  1. You have NO IDEA how this hit home today……SO…..i am letting go of what has taken place already this morning, and fill my mind, heart, soul and spirit with NOTHING but JESUS. ✝. Thank you, love you.

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  2. My friend St. Josemaría Escrivá wrote, “Depend on Jesus for everything. You have nothing, are worth nothing, are capable of nothing. He will act, if you abandon yourself to him.” (The Way, #731) We are nothing, but we are God’s nothing and that… that is all that matters.

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