The Bema

So I am in the last throes of 2017 tax filing season. October 15th is the last day to file and I do not have time right now to finish the various blogs posts I have started. But, I still have time to squeeze in reading. I just finished The Bema by Tim Stevenson. What a powerful reminder to live each day with the goal of sharing the love of Jesus with others!

So I am just going to say “ditto” to what he wrote at the end of the book, and am posting it for you to enjoy.

“The Lord Jesus Christ has never meant more to me than he does right now. I haven’t become righteous overnight. In fact, though I sincerely desire to be a man of God, I have only begun to learn how far short I fall of true righteousness. It’s only as I began to grow that I learned how shallow I was before. I finally learned that spiritual depth is not measured by planting your body in a church building or through passing acquaintance with a few Bible verses. I’ve learned that the genuine Christian life is not hard; it is impossible. All I can do is submit myself to the Lord, regularly expose myself to the truth of his Word, and live dependently—that is, by faith—one day at a time. Jesus Christ does the building, the molding, and the maturing. And one day he will evaluate the results. My greatest ambition continues to be to hear from his lips: ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’ I choose to live for The Day rather than for today.

I aspire to that too, and hope this moves you like it did me!

(As far as the ditto, of course, I do not desire to be a man of God, but a woman of God. I’m just saying!)

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4 thoughts on “The Bema

  1. Yes! Thank you for sharing this powerful passage from The Bema. I am humbled at how great God is and how lowly I am before Him. Yet He sent His Son Jesus for us! May we fix our gaze on Him and run hard!


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