Tear stained eyes

I am overwhelmed and exhausted. It seems as if I have been waging war forever! No, not because it is tax season, silly, but spiritual warfare and other battles. When I get like this and the tears are flowing, I know God is there. I know because I know! Sometimes it takes me a bit to remember, but He always nudges me, to say “I’ve never left, I AM still here with you.”

I always read the Psalms during these times, because they remind me that David also fought many battles, asked God for deliverance. Sometimes he asked God to do things to his enemies, in some not so pretty ways.

David was a young lad when he went up against Goliath. He had wait seven years before becoming king, hiding from the pursuit of Saul. Then he reigned for forty years, during which he waged war against enemies. God told him he could not build the Temple because he had been a man of war. (1 Chron. 28:3)

This is why the Bible is so amazing. It gives us stories of flawed human beings who have been through the same things we are going through and gives us examples how God always shows up to help. David fought many battles, yet God let Jesus come from his lineage. So while I cannot see the end of God’s plan for my life, yet I can trust that He will do for me just as His Word shows and promises.

Yesterday I was brought to this passage in Isaiah 30, from The Passion Translation. (v. 15, 18-21)

“Come back to me! By returning and resting in me you will be saved. In quietness and trust you will be made strong. But you refused.”

“For this reason the Lord is still waiting to show his favor to you so he can show you his marvelous love. He waits to be gracious to you. He sits on his throne ready to show mercy to you. For Yahweh is the Lord of justice, faithful to keep his promises. Overwhelmed with bliss are all who entwine their hearts in him, waiting for him to help them.

“Yes the people…will weep no more. How compassionate he will be when he hears your cries for help! He will answer when he hears your voice! Even though the Lord may allow you to go through a season of hardship and difficulty, he himself will be there with you. He will not hide himself from you, for your eyes will constantly see him as your Teacher.”

“When you turn to the right or turn to the left, you will hear his voice behind you to guide you, saying, ‘This is the right path; follow it.’”

I also love the footnotes on The Passion Translation. Here is what they say for the above verses.

“The Hebrew word for Teacher (mowreh) is a homonym for ‘rain.’ The gift of a teacher is to water our hearts with the rain of the Spirit and the rain of Truth. When God teaches our hearts, it is like spring rain falling, refreshing and renewing our spirits. The verses teach us that:

  1. God will be with us in our troubles
  2. God will not hide himself from us when we pass through hard times
  3. God himself will teach us lessons in our trial
  4. We can set out eyes on him no matter what is happening around us
  5. His voice will lead us into making good decision
  6. We have his promise of constant guidance as we listen to his voice. The voice of the Lord and the Word of God are our faithful guides throughout our lives.”

Having this assurance given to me through the absolute Word of God, I can now be overwhelmed, but with bliss. I will also weep no more, because I am living entwined in the constant guidance of the Most High, who is right behind me, speaking to me with His very own voice!

Battles don’t get much better than that, do they my friends? I can and will endure, only with the help of my Lord, who is refreshing and renewing my spirit with His Spirit.

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