Revolution of the Squishy Grape

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. It is very serious and my prayer is that everyone does what they can to save lives. No matter how simple a gesture, it might just be the thing that saves a life. From my lips to God’s ears!

Back in the last millennium, when I was a teenager, I was bullied. I did not develop physically as fast as the others girls, and they were merciless in gym class. I never contemplated suicide, but was still very hurt emotionally by their thoughtless actions. I developed anxiety before each class, and became physically sick to my stomach, and dreaded the shower time after gym class.

Then one day at the grocery store with my Mom, we were in the produce department. One display had a centerpiece of fake fruit. A bunch a squishy plastic grapes were a part of it. One of the grapes had fallen to the ground. I picked it up and began squishing it between my fingers. It felt very satisfying and I continued to do so. A little later I noticed I felt a little more relaxed. I carried that little grape with me everywhere. It was small enough to fit in my pocket, and I could take it out and squish whenever I wanted, as I was able to conceal it very nicely.

Then about a week ago I was cleaning out a jewelry box from that time in my life and ran across my squishy little friend. I put it between my fingers and the relief came flooding back. I can see now the therapeutic benefit and profound effect that little grape had on my anxiety. I began to carry and squish once more.

I knew of some other people in my life who might benefit from a squishy little grape, and proceeded to call around town trying to find a bunch of plastic grapes. In store number four, my quest was completed. I went down and explained what I needed them for, and the lady at the counter was great. She did not think me crazy, but said anything to help the kids in our community was worth a try. She gave me all the loose grapes that had fallen from the clusters to the bottom of the bin. I handed them out with great success.

I started gaining converts. So today I came up with the name of the revolution. SGS; Squishy Grape Society. As the founding member of this prestigious group, I came up with the following mission statement: To promote the healing and restoration from anxiety through the regular use of one simple tool. The squishy grape.

It does not cost a lot of money. It has long term benefits. It is easy to conceal and use. Now for the disclaimers. It is habit forming. Upon occasion during the process of squishing, my grape has squeaked, which excited my dogs, making them think a mouse was in the house. Other times it makes little farting noises, which draws me strange looks from my husband. But overall, the benefits far outweigh the “side effects.”

My gift is encouragement. I use this post to share the things God is sharing with me, to benefit my readers. So please stand up and be counted. Join the Peaceful Revolution of the SGS today. Find and purchase a cluster of squishy plastic grapes. (That way if you happen to lose one, you have backups on hand.) See if I am not 100% correct on the calming influence of squishing your new little grape. Feel free to pass them out to family and friends, so they too may join.

Could something this simple revolutionize our nation and our world? Could we see the former bullies squishing right along side of us? Could we see world leaders secretly squishing their grapes on CNN instead of arguing? Could the world become a better, calmer place? Hey, stranger things have happened. And if something so small and simple could do it, why not give it a try? It certainly couldn’t hurt.

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15 thoughts on “Revolution of the Squishy Grape

  1. To my wonderful sister! Now you have me putting pennies on curbs and squishing grapes – thanks for the good, gentle reminders of faith in action. Love ya! Linda



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