Road signs

Last month, on a contemporary Christian radio, they asked you to sign up to encourage folks every day for the month.

My gift of the Spirit is encouragement and I do whatever I can to make that happen each and every day to brighten someone else’s day. I had a daily devotional where the writer said she found a small sign at a yard sale that said “Welcome to Awesomeville: Population me.”  I love that and took it a step further. I went online and made up the below business cards so I could pass them out.

I have been putting them on people’s cars in parking lots. I’ve had them put into purses at the store. I leave them on shelves at the local stores. I try to be alert and listen if someone is having a rough day, and hand them one. Sometimes it opens a conversation.

“Why did you give me this?’

“Jesus told me you needed this today!”

Then if it comes up, I can share more about Jesus. I’ve had some amazing conversations lately, and I’ve been blessed by God in these encounters, and hope that others have been in the receiving!

Then this morning I read Jer. 31:21 [NIV] “Set up road signs…” and knew I had to post this today.

Enjoy and live in Awesomeville today, and everyday!

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