Dig In

Experts say that right about now people are losing it—the desire to follow their New Year’s resolution to diet. Well have I got Good News for you!

In a recent year, the weight loss industry in America collected over $41.8 billion in annual revenue. Well I have a great free offer for you on a simple to follow, safe and effective diet plan. It is the original Mediterranean diet. It is proven to work and the millions of people that have used it say that it has changed them into lifetime believers of the plan. So much so, that they have given their testimonials for over 2000 years. This offer is available anytime, anywhere. It is not sold in stores. There are no catches. There are no calories. You don’t have to call in the next ten minutes or you miss out. There are no operators standing by. You don’t have to pay shipping and handling. There are no limits.

It is Eat the Word: God’s Diet Plan for Your Soul. The Bible is God’s Word to you and He uses it to speak to you. It is the source of authority for you faith and life. Just as a person should slowly chew their food wile eating, a person should carefully digest and ponder what they read in the Bible.

“Instead you thrill to God’s Word, you chew on Scripture day and night.” (Ps. 1:2 [MSG])

This food will help you build endurance. It tastes like honey in your mouth. It is heart healthy and good for your overall well being.

Husbands will never again be put on the spot with the dreaded question, “Does this Bible make my butt look fat?”

Guaranteed Bottom Line: I make you this promise, if you follow God’s diet plan for your soul and eat His Word daily, since a diet of Jesus is so awesome, you will NEVER be required to step on a scale again!

So grab a big spoon and dig in!

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