Being Hairy

Those of you who know my style, know this title was just too good not to use! It is always my goal to encourage you while bringing a smile to your face, and maybe even generating a belly laugh. I have other posts in my Being series: Salty, Shiny, Fruity, Thirsty, and Oily. So this post now becomes one of that series!

It was one of those days, where after washing my hair and letting it air dry, it just fell perfectly around my face. I was having a great hair day! Those days are rare, about two in a year, where I don’t have to do anything extra. Which reminded me of the Bible verse that even the hairs on my head are numbered. (See Matt. 10:30)

Humans have approximately 100,000 hairs on their head. As of February 2020, the current world population is 7,765,945,320. Multiply that by the number of hairs on each persons head, and that is a lot of hairs that God keeps track of! No detail is too small for God when it comes to His love for us, and His care of us!

And God is all about the details of His creation. The diameter of a human hair varies between .00067 to .00709 inches. (.017 to .18 millimeters) There are two million small, tubular glands and sweat glands that produce watery fluids that cool the body by evaporation. The glands at the opening of the hair produce a fatty secretion that lubricates the hair.

Hair grows everywhere on the outside of the body except for the mucus membranes and the skin found on the palms of our hands, soles of our feet, and our lips.

The hair on our heads serves primarily a source of heat insulation and cooling. It also protects us from ultra-violet radiation exposure.

Fun fact about hair- the world’s longest documented hair belongs to Xie Qiuping of China, which measured at 18 feet 5.54 inches (5.627 meters) on May 8, 2004. She started growing her hair out beginning in 1973 at the age of 13.

I’ve had pretty much the same hair style since the 1980’s, (only it was bigger in the 80’s!) Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! My mom’s hair started turning gray in her twenties, and genetics plays a part in our hair. My hair started going gray at 27. I colored it myself for years. But the smell and hassle got to be too much, plus the chemicals being absorbed could not be good for me, so I stopped. It took about two years for the color to completely grow out. Now I am silver with natural brown highlights! I use a shampoo formulated for gray hair so it does not get yellowed and remains a shiny silver.

God cares about that detail too! “Even as you grow old and your hair turns gray, I’ll keep carrying you! I am your Maker and your Caregiver. I will carry you and be your Savior.” (Isa. 46:4 [TPT]

So I choose to allow God to have control over the details of my life. After all, He created them, He knows how it all works, so why should I worry? “But don’t worry. My grace will never desert you or depart from your life.” (Luke 21:18 [TPT]) The footnote explains that the literal translation is an Aramaic figure of speech meaning, “Grace will not leave your head.”

So join me in awe of Being Hairy, my friends, and let God be in control of the details in your lives too!

“And everyone will see that He does all things well!” (Ps. 98:9 [TPT])

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14 thoughts on “Being Hairy

  1. Such an informative post. I didn’t know about 90% of what you shared about our hair.. but I do know that God has all the hairs on our head numbered and that is an overwhelming fact of how precious He is toward us!

    p.s. I’m only just starting to go gray and I love it! Not sure how I’ll feel (or look) when it’s all gray, but for now it kind of looks intentionally done. LOL. God bless!


  2. This was such a great post! So often I “worry” about finding a gray strand, however this post helped to change my perspective. And He does (and will) carry us through as we age and go through life..

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