I have a lovely, creative friend who is a bit of a wordsmith. The way she plays with words astounds and amazes me, and always bring a smile to my face. We were discussing a situation last week and she emailed me her new, made up word: acquicceptance. At that moment it was like God was saying, “I AM speaking, are you listening?” And I replied, “Yes Lord.” I asked her permission to use her new word in a post, and she graciously acquiesced.

Acquiescence is defined as giving assent, agreement, or consent by silence or without objection or protest. Acceptance is to receive willingly, to approve, to agree and consent, and to believe in.

So now is our time to shine my friends. With all the unknowns occurring in our world right now due to the virus, we need to step up our crisis responses. I’m pretty sure God’s got everyone’s attention, and the big question is, how are we going to deal with it?

“If you faint when under pressure, you have need of courage.” (Prov. 24:10 [TPT]) And the footnote further explains, “ Your strength is limited. Our weakness often becomes an excuse to quit, but strength and courage come as a result of faithfulness under pressure.”

This is where we need to be the light in the dark to show those who are fearful and panicking, that there is another way and that we are all in this together. People in my community have been coming up with creative solutions to overcome the unknown obstacles that have been cropping up every day. They have been extra kind and encouraging. Upon receiving this kindness myself, I have responded with gratitude, which has bound us together, and I hope, makes us stronger.

People have been more willing to open up, have a conversation, and be emotionally vulnerable. Every single person I’ve spoken with has agreed that these conversations were the best conversation we had all day.

My heart is also broken and goes out to those who are lashing out in fear because they do not know the peace that Jesus brings. I need the compassion of my Lord to flow through me to them, so if they ask me why I am calm, I can tell them it is because I have acquiccepted whatever God has in store for me in this crisis.

By acquiccepting, I am giving Him my assent and consent without objection or protest for His will to be done now. I am receiving willingly whatever comes my way. I believe, trust, rely on, and surrender to God in this and every situation I will face in the upcoming days.

So let’s all use this new word each day and share it with others, so they too can gain faith and calmness. Then when we have gotten through this, Merriam Webster will add this wonderful word to their dictionary!

Finally, as toilet paper is the new hot ticket item, I close with this joke.

What is the difference between a car and a roll of toilet paper? It is okay to buy a used car.

Keep praying and staying close to God. Be safe and healthy too!

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