Happy Dance

Okay my dear followers, it is time to hit the pause button. In the Bible, the Hebrew word Selah is used to designate a pause. It is a chance for a praise break. And don’t we all need that nowadays!

A short bit ago, I sent a fellow blogger and friend, Tim McGee, (Just  a Dude in a Pew) the link at the end of this post. It is MercyMe’s video Happy Dance. Tim mentioned that he shared it with others, and it started a wave of Happy Dances!

Lately I have felt God reminding me to focus on things other than the negative going on in the world. It is as though God is daily sending me on a treasure hunt. I am tasked to look for the blessings He sends me, and thank Him when I recognize one. It has been amazing and rewarding.

Just this morning, I went out to water the chickens  before heading to work. There was a gentle summer rain falling. Blessing #1. (Side note to Tim: God was watering the chickens with the rain, literally!)

I inhaled the smell of wet sage brush. Blessing #2

Our five dogs who kept me company, romping around in the rain. Blessing #3

The smell of wet dogs. (I love it!) Blessing #4

The five wet dogs doing what my husband and I call “the back rub of joy” on the carpet when they came in the house. They joyfully plop on the floor, on their backs and start squirming around back and forth. Blessing #5

I thanked God for each one of those and will be on the lookout for more blessings as the day progresses.

So now, put down whatever you are doing, take a Selah, and dance for joy, along with MercyMe.

MercyMe Happy Dance

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