We’ve all been there and done that. You know, mistake the lyrics of songs. I remember a commercial in 2009 from T-Mobile that had a couple in a car and the guy was singing a song by Def Leppard. He incorrectly sang the lyrics as “pour some shook up ramen.” His wife/girlfriend was able to use her phone to find the correct lyrics to tell him is should be, “pour some sugar on me.”

I’m guilty of doing the same thing. No, not shaking up ramen, but mistaking lyrics. While listening to a Christian radio station during my commute, I changed the lyrics in Jesus is Disguise from “blind as I am” to “blond as I am.” I thought, gosh, why is the band picking on people who happen to have low levels of the dark pigmentation of eumelian in their hair?” (ie: blond)

Another favorite of mine is when a group sings, “fear no evil” but I hear it as “fear no weevil.” And here is our lesson for the day. A weevil is a type of beetle that is considered a pest because of their ability to damage crops. The most famous weevil is the boll weevil, who attacks cotton crops by laying their eggs in the boll (ball of cotton) and then the larvae eat their way out, thereby destroying the crop.

Why is this important?

Because we need to be on guard. Too many times we become complacent and don’t give the extra effort to pay attention like we should, to others, and in our daily relationship with Jesus. We mis-hear and mis-speak allowing the devil, who I am calling out as a pest and a weevil, to eat out our peace and joy in an effort to destroy us.

Please notice how weevil and devil both have the word evil in them.

How do we get rid of the evil weevil?

By allowing “the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, to guard our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus.” (See Phil. 4:7 [NIV])

But that’s not all. The morning DJ on that Christian radio station posed a question to us listeners to tell him about their favorite mis-heard lyrics. The one I like the best was the Dad who said his eight year old daughter changed Chris Tomlin’s lyrics from “the God of angel armies” to “the God of angel Barbies.”

So when next you feel complacency coming upon you, picture being surrounded by an army of angel Barbies, and see if that doesn’t bring you back into focus, along with putting a smile on your face.

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