I was stopped yesterday by three people in my town with a population of approx. 7500 souls. These three people were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Defined it is someone who runs around in a crazy, frenzied manner. Scientifically speaking, (this might get a bit graphic) after you decapitate the chicken, and it dances around in a frenzied manner, but it is not actually still alive. The nerves are still functioning which makes the limbs move. This facilitates the process of pumping the blood out of the animal from the jugular veins.

So what are the statistical probabilities that three people out of 7500 were running around like a chicken with their head cut off? (And that’s just the three I encountered.) Well, our first variable is the three people, so we begin by using the three times the square root of the hypotenuse to arrive at the conclusion, which is, I have no idea!

What conclusion I did arrive at was we need to be at peace and remain calm. They actually asked me why I was calm with all that was going on yesterday in America. I got the chance to tell them that I have a hope and a future because of what Jesus did, and does for me every single day. The seeds were planted for future harvest, and I asked if they wanted me to pray with them. One accepted, and we prayed right there on the sidewalk.

Fear is running rampant and people are freaking out, because they might not have the same hope and future that I have, as a Christian. I heard and read that people were going to be rounded up and put in camps to be deprogrammed based on who they voted for. I heard and read that Christians were also going to be rounded up and put in camps and deprogrammed for believing in Jesus. My question is, what will my worrying do to stop this from happening, if it ever even does? Not a darn thing, other than make me sick and run around like a chicken with my head chopped off.

I also read that Christians were going to have their their Bible taken from them. Well, I’ll bet that Bible reading just took top priority in people’s days. If you threaten to take something away, it must be valuable, and folks are going to want to know what they might be missing. So get in as much Bible reading as you can each and every day.

I did. I read something out of the Bible when I get home before making dinner. Lo and behold this is what I opened up to last night. Wow!

“How dare you tell me, ‘flee to the mountains for safety,’ when I’m trusting the Lord? For the wicked have strung their bows, drawn their arrows tight against the bowstrings and aimed from ambush at the people of God. ‘Law and order have collapsed,’ we are told. ‘What can the righteous do but flee?’ But the Lord is still in his holy temple; he still rules from heaven. He closely watches everything that happens here on earth. He put the righteous and the wicked to the test’ he hates those loving violence. He will rain down fire and brimstone on the wicked and scorch them with his burning wind. For God is good, and he loves goodness’ the godly shall see his face.” (Psalm 11 [TLB])

I couldn’t have said it any better! Talk about a timely message! What I plan on doing is remaining calm, and being a cute baby chick who finds shelter under the wings of the Almighty God. So here is my prayer for you based on Psalm 91:4.

“You are the Almighty Most High and You offer us shelter and refuge when we trust You. Father, please cover my readers with Your feathers and under your wings may they find a safe dwelling place. Like the wings of a mother bird, may the shadow of Your protection rest over them and bring them peace, keeping them safe and sure.”

So snuggle in to those feathers, knowing God is your Protector, no matter what the future holds.

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12 thoughts on “Probabilities

  1. I too, have heard many things, none of the things you heard, and I wonder who starts these rumors? We MUST stop listening to all of this nonsense, get in the word, and seek our guidance from the Lord. It is sad that so many Christians were relying on a man for safety and security when our hope is in the Lord.

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  2. If we start our conversations with politics, we block our ability to lead with faith. God is still in charge. Start with that and the probabilities will lean in our favor. Thanks, as always, for focusing on the Good News. You are a light (and salt)!

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  3. Leadership comes and goes. I’ve been through enough election cycles to know that the sky isn’t necessarily falling, no matter who is in charge. Leadership isn’t forever, but Lordship is. I’m glad God sent those three folks your way; hopefully they listened to your words of calm.

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  4. As i was praying yesterday evening, this post came back into my thoughts and i realized these 3 people, as well as all the others who believe as they do, have already given their thoughts over to evil. We need to pray fervently for people with this mindset, as they are the ones who attract attention and (excuse the tongue in cheek reference here) fan the flames for satan. Lord, help them see the easy, peaceful calm of You and reach for Your loving light to guide their lives. Amen.

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