You’re not the boss of me!

I’ve had enough of your attitude young man! You are in need of a nap and a time out! To which satan replies, “No, I don’t wanna take a nap! You’re not the boss of me!” (What a little crybaby whiner-pants he is.) I tell him, “Yes, as a matter of fact, I am the boss of you because of what Jesus did for me. I’m the adult in this scenario and greater is He living in me, than he who is in the world.” (ie: satan. see 1 John 4:4)

I proceed to tell satan he is acting like a toddler.

I remember when my son was a toddler, he actually ramped up his energy before he went down for a nap. And his favorite word was no, to everything. “You want to take a nap?” No. “You want to play outside?” No. “You want ice cream?” No. The same is true for satan. He delights in telling you no every chance he gets. Because breakthrough is happening in your life, he is ramping up his level of energy to throw you off course. He knows he has already lost, and he is going down fighting. Just like a toddler.

Typical toddler behavior includes aggression, interrupting, screaming, throwing tantrums, and whining. When I looked in the concordance of The Living Bible, it said the characteristics of satan are daring, proud, wicked, malignant, deceitful, fierce, and cruel. That pretty well sums up crybaby whiner-pant’s attitude. And right now I feel the need to give his bottom a good spanking!

Yes, I’m using lower case when I speak and write his name because he is a created being and not on the same level of holiness as God, his Creator. Therefore he does not deserve his name being reverenced.

Because just like with any toddler, the nap time finally comes. And just think of it, satan is going to be put down, all warm and cozy, snug as a bug in a rug, for his eternal nap, bundled up in a lake of fire.

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15 thoughts on “You’re not the boss of me!

  1. satan ramps up his tantrums because he knows he already lost. But if he can get us to think he’s the boss, he knows we will live beneath our privilege as children of God. It’s 100% fear and intimidation. Don’t take the bait!

    Good thoughts.

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