Standing Up

You know those little coincidences that are actually the Hand of God?
Well I had one of those the other day. I walked over to a church a block
from my office, to get a copy of the June Our Daily Bread devotional because mine
did not come in the mail. (I guess whoever got it is being blessed.)
While there, I ran into a lady I have known for a few years from a women’s
group who meets at my church. She had shared her testimony, and mentioned
she was in the process of writing a book. Well that book is now published!

I was so humbled by her testimony! I could not put the book down.
I started reading between my evening chores, and then
had to make dinner, but I didn’t want to stop. Food could wait, but
my husband thought otherwise.I read some more before going to bed,
until I got so sleepy I could not continue.

She is a living example of what God can do in someone’s
life, and a shining example of hope and faith. This book has
encouraged me that with God, we can trust Him to get us
through whatever is happening in our lives.

I kept holding my breath, because I was dumbfounded by what she
had gone through in her life, and then I’d turn the page, and there
was some new trial happening. I’m thinking, “What’s else could possibly happen?”
And then it did. And through it all she had God helping her each step.

Her writing style is so easy going and flowing, I was immediately
caught up in her story.

She then travels all over the world in her new role as a missionary.

I highly recommend this book for everyone who is willing to “accept this personal
invitation to listen to the still small voice within and to trust God as a reliable guide.
Then watch for the next adventure God calls you to experience.”
(from the back cover)
Standing Up—A Testimony of God’s Pursuing Love by Holly Conwell

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