Warning! This post is not suitable for some readers! Especially those who are adverse to stinging insects. I about to share another true story from the ranch, so get a good grip on something solid, and read on.

It was several years ago. We were adding a new section of fence by our county road, to keep the cows on our property. One spot has some lovely Gamble Oak trees. We had to cut some of the limbs that were overhanging where the fence would be. We were using a hand saw to do the job. So I’m holding onto the branches while my husband is sawing. All of a sudden, he is screaming at the top of his lungs, “AAAAAAA! RUN!” From a hole in the earth, a swarm of ground wasps poured forth. It looked a bit like lava erupting out of a volcano. We were on a bit of a sloped hill, so turning and running proved to be a challenge, but we got it done. And we got it done quickly. We did not pause to pick up our tools, we just left every thing behind and ran.

Sadly, as my husband was closer, he got stung. On his earlobe, a few on his arms, and then one was inside his glove and stung him in the hand! I was lucky, as I had been standing further back, so did not get a single sting.

We did not go back to get those tools until we had many cans of wasp killer spray in our arsenal.. Even then, we had long sleeve shirts on as he sprayed each can into the orifice in the ground. Then we waited a few days, and did it again. After a week passed by, we were able to go and finish the job. Even now when we walk the fence to check for breaks, we keep a healthy distance from that section.

So I did some checking on these ground wasps.

Sphex funerarius can reach a length of anywhere from a half an inch to an inch long. These large, ground-nesting wasps are black with an orange-red large band on the anterior abdomen. (I wouldn’t really know, I did not stick around long enough to see what they looked like.) On the head and the body there is fine and thin hair. Their wings are yellowish with darkened tops of the front wings.

The larvae feed on living insects that the females paralyze and carry to the underground nest. The females of these digger wasps store several grasshoppers in a nest. They dig a long corridor, with various brood chambers, in each of which one prey is stored with an egg. After three to four days, the eggs hatch and after another 18 days, the larvae are fully grown. Adults fly in July and August.

Yup, you guessed it we were doing that job in late July.

So when I was listening to a sermon about God sending hornets ahead to drive out the inhabitants of the lands, I knew exactly how those people felt! With swarms of hornets coming at you, you scream, “AAAAAAA! RUN!” You don’t stop to pack a bag with clothes, a basket with your lunch, or anything. You just run and don’t come back.

The Lord told the Israelites that he was going bring them into the Promised Land and help them destroy the nations that lived there. He told them not to be afraid of these nations, He would help take care of them.

“I will send hornets ahead of you so that they will drive out the Hivites, the Canaanites, and the Hittites before you.” (Ex. 23:28)

“Moreover, the Lord your God will send the hornet against them, until those who are left and hide themselves from you perish.” (Deut. 7:20) (Really? Some of them stayed behind and hid?)

Then when Joshua was leading them, the Lord told him, “I sent the hornet before you and it drove out the two kings of the Amorites from before you, but not by your sword or your bow.” (Josh. 24:12)
This time they didn’t even have to fight, God did all the work, and gave them the victory. He told them, “I gave you land you had not worked for and cities you did not build—these cities where you are now living. I gave you vineyards and olive groves for food, though you did not plant them.” (Josh 24:13)

Why? Because the people ran away from the hornets and left everything behind! Because God can do anything! He is the One who created everything and can use it to help you in ways you never would have expected or imagined, in order to bless you with His unlimited abundance.

So don’t worry or stress. God can help you too. I mean, if He wants to use hornets or ground wasps, well that is His right, after all He is God. But after living through it myself, I would not wish that on my worst enemy. I’m just saying! (Okay, well to be honest, there might be one or two I could think of!)

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14 thoughts on “Warning!

  1. Amen. Those wasps are crazy. We had some in our backyard once. Thankfully, I was able to spray them before they came pouring out like that. Amazing story from the Bible too. Cool how God uses nature. God bless!

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    1. Thank you for your strength in reading. After that incident, I am a wee bit terrified now myself. Last fall I was minding my own business, sitting in the living room in my favorite overstuffed chair, when a wasp landed on my arm and stung me! I got up jumping all around while Joe tried smacking it. He finally got it and I was very, very happy! Now you should see me working outside, swatting at the least little buzzing noise!

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  2. I was once outside when an entire swarm of 🐝 bees passed by. There must have been 10,000 of them! I looked it up later and learned that the queen of that particular hive probably decided to relocate everyone. It was the loudest buzzing sound I’ve ever heard. I wanted to run, but Mr. Rogers (not Fred) said, “Don’t.” We stood still and watched as the swarm passed by. It probably took about a minute for them to pass, but it felt like much longer!

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  3. Hi, I’m Queen, I write from Italy. Can I ask you to pray for me for a bigger, loving heart? I have sometimes prayed but I’m not good. I have no faith. I try and call God he speak, cry, sing. But my illness consumes me and makes me fear that I can no longer give anything of myself. Can you please ask him to help me? I try to save people, I try to save children but I don’t always have the strength. Sometimes I get discouraged and cry because I wish that suffering does not exist.


    1. I am happy to do so! Jesus, I ask that you bless this amazing human being that I know you adore, and provide the strength she needs to not let her illness consume her. Help her to focus solely on You as the only Source to fulfill every deep place inside. Amen


  4. Wow, that is definitely scary! Those are some great truths you shared about the Creator being able to do anything and caring for us. I love that description that He blesses us with His unlimited abundance. I’m really thankful you and your husband are ok – glad he’s not allergic to the stings, but they had to hurt.
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Chaya חיה 🇮🇱 🇺🇸 🇮🇱

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    1. Thanks for reading! I was something that makes me more mindful while working outdoors now, and I am always looking for examples that happen in my life to share about Jesus with others. May God’s blessings chase you down and overtake you!


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