My little black book

The history of the phrase little black book is quite colorful. (Pun intended!)

As with many English idioms containing the word black, this one refers to something mysterious or even potentially shameful. People may refer to a journal or part of a journal as their black book or little black book. This means that it is full of personal secrets and private information that might be embarrassing if it were to be shared.

Most often, however, the phrase little black book refers to a list of sexual partners or other personal contacts. Sometimes, it can refer to a list of people who someone dislikes. It is rare for the phrase to refer to other secrets, though it is sometimes used in ways other than these two.

The first use of the phrase came about in the mid-1400s. At that time, it referred to a list of people who had committed crimes or fallen out of favor with leaders.

In 1536, royalty, including Kind Henry VIII, kept a literal black book where the names of people who were sinful were written. This black book was a way of keeping record of who in the kingdom should be punished for their sinful ways.

My little black book is my personal journal full of secrets. Juicy secrets directly from the Bible! I’ve mentioned it in previous posts. It contains nothing shameful or embarrassing. Instead, it is where I write out Bible verses I’ve turned into prayers, or things that are so moving to me, that I put them in here, so I can declare them, out loud, over myself.

God spoke everything into existence with His Word, I will do likewise. I will put Him in remembrance of His Word, because He is actively watching over it so He can fulfill and perform it. The Word that He speaks will not return to Him unfulfilled. Because I know His Word is inspired by the Holy Spirit—the Breathe of God, the Living Word, which is full of energy. (Isa. 43:26, Jer. 1:12, Isa. 55:11, 2 Tim. 3:16, Heb. 4:11)

So I had an epiphany. If I truly wanted to speak life over myself, I needed to do so literally. I began by reading aloud these treasures from my little black book. But it was not enough. So I bought a digital voice recorder.

I recorded myself saying these verses out loud. My first recording came to 26 minutes. My drive to work, one way, is 27 miles, approx. 30 minutes. So for the last three days, I have listened to myself speaking positive, life giving words over myself, to and from work. I cannot believe the difference it has already made.

The hardest part was finding a quiet spot to make the recording. Away from phones ringing, clients coming into my office, and the new puppy at home. In the recording, I can hear myself turning the pages sometimes, and I made a few mistakes, but it has been so life affirming to my spirit.

I just did like I do with the radio ads I speak for my business. I have it all written out, I rehearse it a few times, and then I speak the words slowly enough so I don’t skip anything.

I am already lining up other things to put on this recorder, so I can give myself some encouraging variety. I am also able to save these WAV files onto my laptop, so I have a backup.

The Latin, cogito, ergo sum, usually translated into English as “I think, therefore I am”, is a philosophical statement that was made by René Descartes, the famous French philosopher and mathematician. (1596-1650)

I am going to change it slightly to be: As I speak, so I am. Because I am now truly speaking God’s Word over myself and it will make me more like the Great I AM!

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