For the last few years, I have picked one word to meditate on throughout the year, so that I grow stronger by studying it in Scripture. Last year was freedom. When praying about what God wanted me to go deeper on in 2022, I kept coming up with things in my reading and conversations with other Christian friends that was leading me to the word “release.” (Shmittah in Hebrew)

So I whipped out my Strong’s Concordance to look it up, and found this word just before it. Samach.

It is a Hebrew word that got me excited to share this with you all and pray you may be samach for 2022!

According to Strong’s it is defined as to brighten up, to be gleesome, and to rejoice. It usually refers a spontaneous emotion or extreme happiness which is expressed in some visible and/or external manner.

It is emotion expressed by such extreme joy where you skip about like a threshing heifer and neigh like a stallion. (See Jer. 50:11)

It is sometimes accompanied by dancing, singing and playing a musical instrument.

The emotion is usually described as the product of some external situation, circumstance, or experience where you are overcome with joy.

It suggests three elements: a spontaneous, unrestrained feeling of jubilance; a feeling so strong that it finds expression in some external act; and a feeling prompted by some external and unsustained stimulus.

This verb intransitively signifies that the action of samach is focused on a subject. God is sometimes the subject. The godly are to be glad in the Lord, and to shout for joy. It can also mean being joyful or glad when describing a state into which one places themself in submission to God.

After the last two years of crazy we have lived through, I think being samach in 2022 is in order. Please post videos of yourself skipping about like a threshing heifer who is neighing like a stallion. I’m pretty sure you’d blow up YouTube with those videos, don’t you?

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22 thoughts on “Samach

  1. Yes! Let us have some unbridled joy for 2022! Although my skipping days may be behind me and my physio may have a coronary seeing even attempt this. I will definitely stamp my feet and pump my fists though in the joy of the Lord – hallelujah!

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  2. Now that is a new word for me! Samach! But one I will definitely remember, so thank you for sharing! I appreciate how you clarified all the nuances and meaning. As we place ourselves in God’s hands, may we find joy, for He has saved us and we are headed home! God bless you in the year ahead!

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