That’s right boys and girls, it’s time for another tale from the ranch. This episode features chickens. We have approximately 250 chickens on our ranch, of those, four are roosters and the rest are hens. Sometimes the hens get a little aggressive and peck at other chickens, pulling off their feathers. Hence the term henpecked.

Define it describes behavior that dominates and bullies the timid chickens. We have had several in the past, and I rescue them by separating them until they are fully restored. Normally it goes very well, and within a month they can be put back with the rest of the chickens.

Yesterday, one such pecked chicken was squawking up a storm! I mean for such a little animal, she had volume! So when I put all the other chickens in for the night, I calmly gathered her up, reassured her, and put her in a little coop with food and water. Then the real squawking began. If I thought she was loud before, she was now ten times louder and running back and forth banging herself into the sides of the little coop.

So I opened the door, and put her back in with the other chickens. Then she went running around, until the other hens picked on her again, and squawked her normal squawk. It was as if she wasn’t happy unless she was being picked on and voicing her misery to anyone who would listen. She didn’t want to be rescued, be made healthy and whole, or restored to what she should be. She was content to be in her misery.

I know people like this. I’ll bet you do too. You hear their pain and try and help them, and they “slap” your hand away and want to be left alone to wallow in misery. They are aware that there is a better life out there, but for whatever reasons they have, they don’t want to be rescued, be made healthy and whole or be restored to what God intended them to be.

All I know to do for such people is pray that the Holy Spirit would soften their hearts so they would accept the love Jesus has to offer, and give them a life of abundance. If you keep trying to help someone who does not want it, you just feed their need for constant attention, and all that does is suck you into their misery, and it doesn’t do them any favors either. I know, I’ve been there and don’t that and I don’t want the t-shirt.

So take a step back, pray and allow the Holy Spirit to work in their lives. God is able to do impossible!

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p.s. As I was typing this post, I was praying for this poor little chicken, and I was reminded of Ps. 84:3 where the sparrows found a home, and how God cares for every bird (Luke 12:6), that a bird does not fall to the ground without God knowing it. (Matt 10:29) So when I just went out to gather eggs, she was off by herself, and I gathered her up and brought her inside to our setup where we raise baby chicks. I sprayed her open wounds with betadine, put in food and water, and she is a quiet as can be. If there is hope for her, there is hope for people like her.

Keep on praying for them, God cares for them all!

18 thoughts on “Henpecked

  1. Great analogy and indeed some people will drain you with their constant need for attention, until they are actually ready to change. We have to learn to leave them alone and resist the urge to jump in and rescue. It’s like the concept of Lifeguards who won’t try to rescue someone who is still fighting. They will drag them under water with their fighting. People are left until the moment they give up and their body goes slightly limp. Thank you for this word and thank God that the chicken is now resting and on the road to recovery. Bess you. 🙏🏾

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  2. I was about to hand the phone to my wife: “See, this is what you do to me all the time.”😀 I’m glad I decided to read it first. 😊

    It’s ironic how folks sometimes choose continued misery over healing. Maybe they don’t feel like they deserve to get better?💔

    It’s a good thing God believes in us. ❤️‍🩹 It’s why I believe in Him.

    Excellent post. Your ranch provides an endless supply of story material.

    His best to you.

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    1. So very true and how grateful we are that God believes in us! My ranch does provide food for people to eat, for their bodies and their souls! And what a wise man you are that you did NOT hand the phone to your wife! I’m so very proud of your self-restraint!

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  3. I’m reading all your blogs you suggested, little by little. Your writings are lively and keep my attention. Did you take writing classes?

    Regarding your poor chicken, I’m so glad she let you help her finally. Seems like she didn’t even realize she was being treated unwell. Poor little one.

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