I normally write a post each weekend. This last weekend I had nothing. No inspiration from the Holy Spirit, just nothing. It was the week after the last filing deadline for the 2021 tax season, and I was just beat. God knew I needed to take some time off. So I did. I read and napped. It also snowed on Sunday which made it easier to read and nap.

Shameless plug for Valerie Cullers, a blogger on WP too. I read her books, An Unwelcome Stranger and Road to Ravenna. Which I bought on Amazon. I’m glad I got both of them at the same time, because I could not stop reading, and had to see how it all worked out.

But I do want to share the goodness of what God did, as I love hearing these kind of testimonies, and love sharing them too.

Friday (October 21, 2022) I had an appointment for my mechanic to come and take my car to his shop to put on new rear brakes, and rotate the tires. I got to my office building, unloaded my car, locked it, and went upstairs to call him to come get it. He came up got the key, and called me from the street, asking if there was a trick to open the door. I went down and the key just spun in the door lock. Unfortunately, there is only one way to get into the car, using the lock in the driver’s side door. So he had to go back to his shop, get the gizmo to “break into” my car and took it to the shop. I wanted to freak out, but had such a peace that it was going to be okay, so I just went about my day. He got everything done by 4pm and brought it back to me. He said that on the door lock, it was just a little clip that broke, and they replaced it, and it is good as new.

I am so grateful to God that I was not at the store, or out of town when this occurred. But that I made it to my office, and it happened on the same day I was going to have my car in the shop anyway. God is good.

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8 thoughts on “Goodness

  1. Nothing wrong with some chill time, He works on us in those times just as a mechanic works on a car. I must confess I often forget not to be worried; that He is in control of all things. When stuff works out much to my relief I am sure His Spirit whispers in my ear :”didn’t I tell you it would be okay?” All I can do in such times is smile and praise Him.
    God bless you sister.

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