Glory be!

I’m sure it has happened to us all. Suddenly you see something that was right under your nose the whole time, and you say, “What? Glory be!”

Glory be is an exclamation expressing surprise.

Well, it happened to me this week. I was reading in John 17 and 18. John 17 is a beautiful prayer of Jesus to His Father, right before He is betrayed and arrested. What stood out to me was verse 4 and 5. “I brought glory to you here on earth by doing everything you told me to do. And now, Father, bring me into the glory we shared before the world began.” I had to pause and really think about that. He is looking forward to being back in heaven with God. So powerful!

Then in John 18, Judas comes with a battalion of Roman soldiers and the Temple guards, with blazing torches and weapons to the Garden of Gethsemane. A battalion is 600 soldiers. Jesus steps forward and asks them, “Whom are you looking for?” They reply, “Jesus of Nazareth.” Judas was standing there next to the soldiers. Jesus said, “I am he.” And they all fell backward to the ground!

I love God’s timing of things. Later day I was in a Beth Moore Bible study and this very passage came up. She says that the words Jesus actually used, according to the Interlinear Bible: Hebrew-Greek-English, are this:

“Whom do you seek. They answered Him, Jesus the Nazarene. Jesus said to them, I AM! And they fell to the ground.”

God said this very same Name to Moses in Ex. 3:13-14. “I AM THAT I AM.” The God of all creation, El Elyon, the Sovereign and Supreme Most High God, stood before them in the Garden of Gethsemane, as living, breathing flesh and uttered His perfect, divine and holy Name, I AM.”

And that’s what knocked over the 600 soldiers, The Temple Guards, and Judas.

Can you image it? They just witnessed the power of Jesus first hand, and still arrested Him. Because it had to happen, so Jesus would die on the cross to forgive our sins and the sins of the world. That was God’s plan all along to restore us to Him!

But it makes me wonder, did some of those men think about it later, what happened to them, in that garden, on that night? Did they then come to know Christ as their Savior?

We won’t know the answer to that until heaven, but all I’ve got to say is Glory be! Glory be to God in the Highest!

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28 thoughts on “Glory be!

  1. I had forgotten about all the soldiers and Judas being bowled over by the power of God. Later, Jesus put a guy’s severed ear back on his head, and they still arrested him. Like you said, it was all in God’s plan. Great post!

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  2. Reading this is so thrilling…there is nothing more exciting than when the Holy Spirit opens our eyes anew to scripture that we may have read hundreds of times previously. It really thrills my heart when this happens, to me and to others such as yourself sister. I love the questions you ask regarding those soldiers, there has got to be a story in that I think!

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  3. I have SO many questions when i get there, just got another few!! My paternal grandmother used to say that a LOT!! Oooohhhhh, well Glory be, i thought there were cookies in there. Guess you’ll have to have cake instead….winky winky nod nod. 😘😘

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  4. This is one of the several “ego eimi” statements in John’s Gospel. I remember studying these in seminary, and it really does explain how/why Jesus’ statement floored (literally!) so many. I love doing word studies and exploring the greater depth of what is being said. We learned that the Gospel writers did not “waste” words, so there is great depth to be discovered.

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  5. This post is so descriptive and beautiful. It is interesting how the Hebrew translation brought more meaning of I Am. I just love my new Hebrew Bible. In Matthew today, a parable took on a new meaning bc of the Jewish insight. Great job!

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  6. I can easily imagine a number of the soldiers who dealt with Jesus that Thursday and Friday DID come to faith in him. They witnessed a number of inexplicable events–how else could such strange happenings occur (like Mark’s ear miraculously healed in a moment) if not for divine power from God? And Jesus’ witness from the cross would be hard to ignore also–how he prayed for God to forgive them because they didn’t know what they were doing. I can see some of them becoming ardent followers of Jesus!

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  7. Sorry, but there wont be an atmosphere for questions in Heaven. And why should there be. All we need to do is praise God and walk around Heaven all day. Love you, God Still Speaks! Keep us blogging those eye-opening revelations. Amen!

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