I’m sure you can relate. You’re having one of “those” days. Everything is coming at you from every angle, at the exact same time, and you are just trying to breathe.

Well I had one of those days this past Wednesday. I decided I needed a break, and logged onto WordPress to read some posts and check my comments.

Did I mention that God is good? Well He is! Just when I needed a break and a good belly laugh, I received this comment in my spam folder.

“I be required to nearly, as a reams as I enjoyed reading what you had to whisper, I couldnt employees but escape interest after a while. Its as if you had a wonderful grip on the subject incident, but you forgot to categorize your readers. As the case may be you should think about this from go places more than one angle. Or perchance you shouldnt generalise so considerably. Its happier if you about fro what others may from to translate in place of just prevailing for the purpose a gut reply to the subject. Contemplate hither adjusting your own believed convert and giving others who may skim this the benefit of the doubt.”

My head exploded into candy and confetti at the exact same time! Not exactly sure what this really says, but whoever or whatever sent it, did so at just the right time.

I remember trying actual Spam once. Once I said. I’ve also tried Scrapple once. To me it is the same blend of leftover bits of a pig formed into a loaf. I’m sure this is what God had in mind when He made pork a forbidden meat for the Israelites to eat.

This comment was just that, a blend of leftover bits, all jumbled together.

So perchance, please contemplate coming hither and joining me in a good belly laugh when you try to interpret this comment for yourself. If you skim it, I will give you the benefit of the doubt. And award you bonus points!

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