Dead weight

I got a telemarketer who called my office so good the other day! He started reading from his script, very monotone in his speech, and then asked if the owner was there. I replied, “Yes I am, and I did the job exactly as you told me to, but there’s blood everywhere! What do you want me to do now?” He started reading from his script again, then there was a pause and a startled, “Wait, what did you say?” Then he hung up! Go figure! I guess that means I’m scratched off his call list!

I’m sure we can all relate to trying to move a dead body after we’ve just whacked it like in the example above. It’s dead weight and very hard to move by yourself. Okay, maybe not!

All joking aside, dead weight is defined as: The unrelieved weight of a heavy, motionless mass. And an oppressive burden or difficulty.

That’s what unforgiveness can be sometimes. We have taken that dead weight, put it up on our backs, and strapped it down for the long haul. We carry the dead weight of unforgiveness around all day, every day. It becomes an oppressive burden that takes over every area of our lives unless we get rid of it.

I think that is super hard with some things! And with some people! But if I want to be forgiven as Jesus has so graciously forgiven me, then He tells me I must forgive others. It is the only way to live in freedom.

To forgive in Greek is aphiemi. Literally it means to send from one’s self, to forsake, to hurl away, to put away, let alone, disregard, put off. It conveys the basic idea of an action which causes separation and refers to total detachment, total separation, from a previous location or condition.

I have to cut loose the dead weight! Let it go from my possession, let it free from my grasp of control, and let it escape from my life! “I must strip off every weight that slows me down.” (Heb. 12:1)

Even if the other person does not accept your forgiveness, or has since moved or passed away, you have still done what God wants, and that is where the freedom comes in. Because I’d rather please God than man. (See Acts 5:29)

For when you get right down to it, the Blood of Jesus is everywhere! Christ fills everything everywhere with His presence. (Based on Eph. 1:23)

So that gives a whole new meaning to my conversation with the telemarketer. As to the “what do you want me to do now” part, I’m pretty sure Jesus told us that too—Go make disciples in all nations. (Matt 28:19) So when we get to heaven, we can tell Jesus, “I did the job exactly like you told me to.” And He will reply, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” (Matt 25:23)

Who knew messing with a telemarketer could be so spiritually enlightening?

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25 thoughts on “Dead weight

  1. Excellent devotional sister! I think you should deal with telemarketers more often. Indeed we get a lot of such calls, so much so I have been known to answer the phone “Hello, mortuary!” Or my other favourite for those scam calls from Africa/India “Fife Police, how can I help you?”

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  2. I love how you compared dead weight with the need to forgive. As for the dead bodies, this is a priceless example of your sense of humor!

    I’ll confess, there’s a person (or two) I’m struggling to forgive. I know I need to, and keep turning things over to God. You’ve convinced me I must cut loose the dead weight on my end as well.

    Great post! Thanks, and God bless.

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