Being Pruney

I love taking long hot baths. When my husband was building the house at our ranch, we decided we were going to install the deepest, longest tub we could find. We did just that. We also put insulation all around the underside of said tub, so the water would remain hot longer. Now I can fully immerse myself and enjoy a good soak. When I get out, I’m clean, relaxed, and pruney.

Did you know the skin on your fingers and toes is glabrous? That means it is smooth and hairless. When it has been in water for an extended period of time it can get pruney. Your nervous system controls this. It sends a message to the blood vessels to become narrower, which reduces the volume of the skin and causes the wrinkles. Your pruney skin helps your fingers and toes grip better when wet.

So enjoy this next installment in my Being series, Being Pruney. Follow me on my journey on how I arrived there.

I’ve been listening to KLOVE’s podcasts on One of my favorites is Thought Revolution with Pastor Lance Hahn. He has a heart for God, has an easy style, is funny, and still gets the message across. I looked him up online so I could listen to his sermons. He pastors at Bridgeway Christian Church in Roseville CA. In looking at the website, what jumped out at me was their identity statement.

It states that they are a “Scripture-soaked and Spirit-led community expectantly seeking transformation into our identity in Jesus.”

Wow! (Words of Wonder!)

So following that train of thought, I want to fully immerse myself and enjoy good long soaks in God’s Word. When I do and allow my reading to be Spirit-led, I am given ideas for my posts, who to pray for, who needs encouragement, guidance on how to live my life, and assurances of God’s constant presence.

When I am being pruney after a good soak, I am better able to hold grasp and hold on to what I am being shown in the Scripture.

I want to be just like Jesus. In all four Gospels, they tell of Jesus getting baptized. I like Matthew’s account best. Even though Jesus had no sin, he still got baptized to do what is right. By doing this, it was a symbolic gesture of giving up His will to God, to fulfill His earthly ministry.

As soon as He comes up from being immersed in the water, the heavens opened up and the Spirit of God descended like a dove upon Jesus. This was God’s seal of approval and empowerment of the Spirit for Him to reconcile us to God.

So Jesus got soaked and He is the Word of God! (See John 1:1) So will you please join me in living Scripture-soaked and Spirit-led? If it’s good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me! So let’s get up out of that tub, take our pruney fingers and grasp onto to Jesus like our lives depends on it! Because it does.

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15 thoughts on “Being Pruney

  1. to the tune of, I Feel Pretty🎶✝🎶
    i feel pruney, oh so pruney, and i holding on to my Jesuuuuus
    Cause I love Him and He makes my life so wonderouuuuuuus🎶🎶
    🙏🏻 In His Grip.

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      1. Backatcha sister! You are awesome. I was a wee bit younger then. On tour it was so funny that many people did not recognize me with curly hair. Eventually I had to start blow drying again. LOL!! I did 2 books curly and 3 books straight. Good news is God knows every hair on my head. To Him be all the glory!! 😘😘😘

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