You’d better sit down. When I tell you how I spent my weekend, you’ll be asking me, “Where do I sign up?”

Driving home from work, the window on the driver’s side of the car started to go down, but would not go back up. The motor for its power just made gurgling noises. So on Saturday, my husband and I took off the door panel, and what did we find? Deer mice had made it their home! We cleared out 2 gallons of chicken feed and that same quantity again of feathers and chewed up door insulation. Then we cut some PVC pipe and notched it, put it in the door to hold the window up until we could get a new motor.

The deer mice population have been overwhelming this summer in my community. Some folks are predicting that means a long and hard winter. All I know is that they are everywhere! I know in previous posts I’ve told you how all lives matter, with the lady bugs etc. that I’ve saved on a daily basis. I’m sorry folks, but this is the exception. While they are small and super cute, they are also a destructive force when they gang up and go to town on your vehicle.

We found a nest under the hood of my car, in the air filter of the backhoe, in our tack shed, just to name a few places. A friend of ours had a nest in his backhoe, and after running it for a while, the nest caught on fire and his backhoe burned up! That’s a lot of money to replace it! When I went to town to find traps, one guy said they had gotten under the hood of his car and chewed through his spark plug wires. He replaced them and three days later, they had done it again!

Now while that is costly and gross to clean up, my husband also mentioned that you have to admire their resolve. Resolve defined is as follows: determination, purpose – the quality of being determined to do or achieve something; firmness of purpose.

The deer mice were just that. I park my car about 100 feet from where we feed the chickens. The three inch mice, stuff their adorable little cheeks with as much food and they are able, scurry the 100 feet to my car, make their way into my door panel (still not sure how they did that) and then began stockpiling their supplies. And then they start the process all over again until they had two gallons stored up!

That is a firmness of purpose! I am resolved to live my life that way too! Stuff my adorable little checks with God’s Word, scurry right to my heart, deposit my stash, and go back for more! I want such a stockpile that I’m able to share it with you through these posts.

“For I am resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.” (1 Cor. 2:2 [NIV])

“Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine…” (Dan. 1:8 [NIV])

“When he arrived and saw the grace of God, he was glad and encouraged all of them to remain true to the Lord with a firm resolve of the heart…” (Acts 11:23 [HCBS])

“His resolve is firm; he will not succumb to fear before he looks in triumph on his enemies.” (Ps. 112:8 [NET])

In order to follow through with my resolve, I need to know ahead of time what my boundaries are. I can find those boundaries in the Bible and the example of the life of Jesus. Maybe even practice them in my head so when the occasion arises to test my resolve, I can stand firm with determination and not cave in.

So will you please join me in stuffing your adorable little cheeks full of God’s Word so you can live a purposeful life full of determined resolve?

Oh yeah, the sign up sheet is available upon request.

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6 thoughts on “Resolve

  1. Well written! I literally said, “Oh man!” out loud about the backhoe on fire and my mom said, “what?!” I despise all forms of vermin, you are a better woman than me! I will, however, stuff myself with God’s Word. Love and blessings, sister!

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