The Chicken Poop Soup Story

I hope you are in need of a good laugh today, because boy do I have a doosie! I was reminded of this story today as it was so squishy by the chicken pens. Brace yourselves!

The recipe for this soup is as follows:

Take 8 feet of piled up snow, let it melt naturally and drain into chicken pen area. Liberally add the accumulated poop from approx. 100 chickens from November to March. No mixing required.

About two years ago, in March, the snow by the chicken areas had melted
making a poopie, soupy, muddy mess. It was about 4 inches thick. More like a stew
than a soup actually.

I went out to feed that morning, but what I didn’t know, was that under the stew,
(insert ominous music here) was a sheet of ice. Upon entering the area, my
foot hit the ice, and down I went on my back. Life then moved in slow motion. As I went on
the ground, the poop went out like a wave, and then returned to cover me!
I had a nice juicy layer of it covering my entire body. Only a small part of my face
remained pure. I lay there stunned for a moment, before attempting to get up
without making it worse. Not possible. At this point, I still had to feed the chickens,
and figured I might as well get it done as I was, because if this joyous event happened
a second time, I knew bad words would be uttered. I finally made it to the
back porch.

We have no neighbors around us, nor can you see the back porch from the county road,
so I immediately began stripping off everything! I left it all on said porch, and ran to
the shower. Then I got a plastic tub to put everything in, a pair of rubber gloves, and
packed up the pile to bring directly to the washing machine.

My husband was super sad to have missed this entire scenario as he was 35 miles away
getting new tires for the backhoe.

Now (and this is a joke) whenever I read about waves in the Bible, I freak out!

I sent a preview of this post to my friend Kamryn Adams, and she sent back this reply,

Oh my goodness — at first I thought this was fictional but then I got so engrossed and realized— “she really did that?”

Poor thing. I’m laughing with you. Isn’t it wonderful that the joy of the Lord gives us laughter even when poop happens.

Which is what I will leave you with, poop happens and we still have the joy of the Lord and can laugh regardless of what we are going through. I know, because I lived it.

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9 thoughts on “The Chicken Poop Soup Story

  1. Thanking GOD that you were fine, GOD Still Speaks! This is a good lesson to be grateful to the Triune GOD. GOD’s grace indeed, despite the poop pool fall of our lives (e.g. sin, disgrace, any situation) that in His divine hand, we are able to stand ground, be grounded, and mind/heart renewed in faith in the Triune GOD. Thank you for sharing. GOD bless you and your family!

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