Attitude of Gratitude

We are just one week away from celebrating Thanksgiving here in America. I like the idea of a reminder to celebrate thankfulness, but also realize that it is something I need to do every day, not just once a year. So I have been striving to have an attitude of gratitude in 2020, well because it is 2020! This year I’m concentrating more on my blessings than focusing on the negative.

Our 16th president, President Lincoln announced that our nation would officially celebrate Thanksgiving on November 26, 1863. He also declared that the fourth Thursday of every November thereafter would be considered the official U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving.

This date remained as the annual holiday until the tail end of the Great Depression, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt moved the date to the third Thursday, hoping to boost the economy by giving shoppers and merchants more days to conduct business between Thanksgiving and Christmas. But in 1941, he bowed to the insistence of Congress that it be re-set permanently to the fourth Thursday of November.

I have already put up the Christmas decorations at my office. Who couldn’t use some early cheer? I have also been listening to K-LOVE’s Christmas channel on my laptop. But every year at this time there is another time honored tradition at the radio station. About ten years ago, DJ’s Scott and Kelli, asked listeners to help recording artist Matthew West write a Thanksgiving song. They’ve played it every year.

Matthew West was doing an interview with them recently and has announced that he officially created a video with the new and improved version of this Thanksgiving holiday classic.

It is too fun not to share, so I have included the link for you to enjoy here.

I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving, however that may look for your family this year, and feel free to share Matthew West’s song during your celebration!

God’s blessings to you all!

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