Transformers: Trinity Force

My last post was about Transformers. This is the sequel, Transformers, Trinity Force. Yes that is an actual thing. How cool is that, as this post is about the Trinity, the Triune God, or Tetragrammaton. (Sounds like a Transformer name to me!)

The Tetragrammaton is the four-letter Hebrew word הוה‎ transliterated as YHWH, or the name of God, I AM WHO I AM.

The doctrine of the trinity states that there is one God who is one in essence, but three in personality. This does not mean there are three independent Gods existing as one, but three Persons who are co-equal, co-eternal, inseparable, interdependent, and eternally united in one absolute Divine Essence and Being.

This year I was challenged by Holy Spirit to fast. So I began 2021 with a 21 day Daniel fast. It was so powerful. I cannot begin to explain all I learned during this time. The author of the book my church suggested to guide this time, said he too had a life changing experience from his first 21 day fast. He also decided to then do a three day fast for each following month for the balance of the year.

That sounded good to me, so I looked up Biblical events for each month. For example, February was Purim, March was the miracle of the Israelites crossing the Jordan River into the Promised land, April was Good Friday through Easter, and this month is three separate days: The Ascension of Jesus after His Resurrection, Pentecost, and Trinity Sunday. (How fitting.) I have the rest of the year scheduled too.

Three days=Trinity. That’s what I chose to focus on while fasting. One day for God the Father, one day for God the Son, and one day for God the Holy Spirit.

Since doing these monthly fasts and studies, I have found myself getting confused while praying. Do I say Father, Son, or Holy Spirit? So I just decided to stick to God, or Yahweh. Some people have spoken out against Joel Osteen saying he just says God, and hardly ever Jesus or Holy Spirit while preaching. I now completely understand why. By my just saying God, I’m actually addressing all three Persons of the Trinity at the same time. Easier for my human brain to wrap around.

I have also been working out what to do with my hands while praying. Not that God cares. But I wanted to do something to remind me I am one with God. So I clasp my hands together. It gives me a reassuring feeling that I am interlocking and interlacing my hands together with God. Holding my clasped hands together in front of my heart is a symbol of submission and sincerity. Locking them together, holding hands with God, provides me with security and comfort. We are intertwined and entwined.

Which led me to my next part. In the definition of interlaced it says, “to cross one another.” It was talking about your fingers, but all I saw was “cross one another”, and remember going to Catholic church when I was really young and saw people making the sign of the cross. Now it had been a good number of decades since I did that, so I reached out to a good friend and fellow blogger, Tim McGee, who is Catholic, and asked him how to do it. I knew I start at the forehead, but forgot do I go down to my stomach with the next move, then do I go left to right or right to left for the last move? He was very helpful, and then muscle memory kicked in.

Forehead, “In the Name of the Father.” Down to the sternum area of the rib cage, “Of the Son.” Then I do from left shoulder to right shoulder, “And the Holy Spirit.” Amen.

I also looked it up and found Catholics are not the only Christians who make the sign of the cross. Lutherans, Anglicans, Methodists, and Protestants do too. Making the sign of the cross invokes the Trinity. It is a prayer, a blessing, and sacramental. As a sacramental, it prepares an individual to receive grace and disposes one to cooperate and participate with it. When you make the sign of the cross, you dedicate your prayer to God and invite the Trinity to participate in your life. It helps remind you of the rights and responsibilities that go with participating with the will of God in your life, and also reminds you that you are entering a sacred place that is set apart from the world outside.

John Vianney said, “A genuinely made Sign of the Cross makes all hell tremble.”

So I have been making hell tremble all throughout my day! In your face satan! I have the power of the Trinue God behind my prayers!

“Here’s what I’ve learned through it all: Don’t give up; don’t be impatient; be entwined as one with the Lord. Be brave and courageous, and never lose hope. Yes, keep on waiting—for he will never disappoint you!” (Ps. 27:14 [TPT])

So join me and the Tetragrammaton, in making hell tremble each and every single day!

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10 thoughts on “Transformers: Trinity Force

  1. So much power in the Tetragrammaton! Our Triune God is self existent, self revealing and is in absolute control of this world! So glad you are drawing closer to God. For what it is worth I love Trinitarian prayers. Praying to each Person and then the One. The Trinity is a mystery and the more I think about our God One Being Three Persons the more I love Him! Love and blessings, sister!!!

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      1. I have to say that I cannot stop thinking about the trisagion or the thrice repeated “holy, holy, holy” of Isaiah 6:8 and Rev 4:8. I am absolutely obsessed with the holiness and wisdom of God! While I do not think this is Trinitarian in nature, we know that our God, One Being, Three Persons is indeed Holy in who He is and what He does! I get so excited about the Trinity and His Holiness!

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  2. Hell does indeed tremble at the strength of your faith, the encouragement you give to others, and the perseverance of your hope in Christ. Thank you for another great message!

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  3. This was interesting to read. The sign of the cross is something I did as a small child, when my mom dropped me off at the local Catholic church like it was daycare 😏

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