Ask for it!

Boy oh boy, I’ve been asking for it! And trust me when I say, He let me have it! No, this is not how it sounds but way better!

I have been praying the Scriptures a lot since last year. I have been writing them down in a little book I can carry with me and can access quickly when I need encouragement. I knew I had not because I didn’t ask for it. (See James 4:2) So I asked for it and kept asking for it.

“My prayer is that You fill me with the full, deep and clear knowledge of Your will in all spiritual wisdom, and comprehensive insights to Your ways and purposes. And in the understanding of spiritual things. I ask this so I may live, walk and conduct myself in a manner worthy of You. I want to fully please You and desire You in all things: to bear fruit with fuller, deeper, clearer insight and recognition of Your will and purpose for my life.” (See Col. 1:9-10 [AMP])

Sometimes I listen to Christian podcasts while working at the office. I just let them play one after the other. Well one day at the beginning of this month I heard Joel Osteen’s 31 Declarations. There was a link to his book I Declare. I printed it off, read through it three times, and took the declarations and wrote them in my little book as prayers between me and God. I also began looking up the Scripture that stood behind the declarations in his book. And bam! He [God] let me have what I was asking for.

I take one a day and speak it over myself. Since doing so, my life has been renewed with purpose, passion, and peace. I find myself whispering them to myself in the store, speaking them while walking the pastures at the ranch, walking down the sidewalk, etc. Last night I even said one to myself in a dream!

A few days ago, I said this declaration: “God, today I declare, I will use Your words to bless myself. I speak favor and victory over myself, because I know such words carry Your supernatural power, and release Your goodness into my life, beyond measure.”

I could not stop thinking about this. I asked Holy Spirit for further insight as my mind kept turning it over and over. And bam! Holy Spirit let me have it!

“You need to put Me in remembrance of My Word, for I am actively watching over My Word to fulfill and perform it. So also will be the Word I speak, it does not return to me unfulfilled. My Words are inspired by the Holy Spirit—the very breath of God, the Living Word, which is full of energy to accomplish My purpose.” (Based on Isa. 43:26, Jer. 1:12, Isa. 55:11, 2 Tim. 3:16, Heb. 4:12)

When I speak His Words, He is actively watching for the words to leave my mouth so He can perform and fulfill them. He longs to be good to me. He longs for me to have an intimate relationship with Him, and talk to Him. Him actively watching, releases His energy and power to fulfill His Words. In putting Him in remembrance, I have spoken more to Him lately and on a deeper level than I think I ever have before. I am utterly amazed by His overwhelming abundance in granting my request. I am humbled and overjoyed that I am allowed this opportunity to join with Him in this new venture. He has then been putting me to remembrance on which declaration needs to be spoken when I find myself in a situation.

So ask and you shall receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be open to you. (See Matt. 7:7) Put it out there for God to hear, and then stand back and He will let you have it too!

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