We have a dog who has been a hoarder her whole life. My husband built a dispenser that holds 50 pounds of dog food. That way the dogs can come eat whenever they’d like. Whenever this dog would find something on the floor, she would gently pick it up and carry it to the opening in the dispenser, and set it inside. We became wise to her gathering of what we called her “treasures” and whenever something came up missing, the first place we would look was the dog food. Nine times out of ten, it was there, with her laying down next to it guarding it, making low rumbling growls as if to say, “back off, this is my treasure.”

That then became the name for all of our dogs toys. At our ranch we re-purpose whatever we can. We have old rubber ten gallon water tubs that have been destroyed by animals tossing them about. So we have cut those up into pieces to play fetch with the dogs.

I also found some cool dogs toys at our local bicycle shop. I noticed there was a pile of old bike tires behind his shop. I asked him if I could buy some of them. He told me to take as many as I wanted, free of charge. (I love free! Totally within my budget!) (I love freedom too, but that is for a different post.)

So I grabbed six mountain bike tires and brought them home. Now we also have a mama dog and her daughter who love playing tug of war with their treasures. They exploded with happiness when I tossed the tires into the yard! They didn’t know which treasure to go for first. At one point they each had their mouths wrapped around the same tire, running with it, side by side.

When I go out with them, I will ask them to find me a treasure, so I can throw it for them. They promptly go in search of one. It brings me amazing joy to watch these girls get so excited over bike tires. The hoarder dog sometimes gets in the act too. When a treasure is brought to me, if I have it by my side, she will sneak in and grab it. She doesn’t run off, she just sits there with it in her mouth. The mama and daughter dog, just wait for her to drop it. They do not mess with her. She is the boss.

So one morning when I was asking for them to find me a treasure, it dawned on me, I am a treasure, of God! I bring God amazing joy when I spend time with Him and talk to him.

Defined, a treasure is something to hold or keep, and is esteemed as precious. The fact that He actually breathed His own breath into me lets me know how much of a treasure I am to Him. Some days I am blown away when I think of how much God has done in my life, and the goodness He shows me each and every day. He delights in spending time with me. He guards me because I am His.

“Moreover, because of what Christ has done we have become gifts to God that He delights in…” (Eph. 1:11a [TLB])

“I want you to realize that God has been made rich because we who are Christ’s, have been given to Him!” (Eph. 1:18b [TLB])

So please start your morning with the full realization that you are God’s treasure, whom He delights in and wants to spend time with, and you will be filled with the Joy of His Presence too.

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