Raising Cain

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has had one of “those” days. I like to lay in bed and pray first before getting up, thanking God for another day that He has made and asking for His guidance. But once my feet hit the floor this morning, it all went awry. Probably because one of our older dogs had an accident and I stepped in it. (Think squish between your toes ‘accident.’) Things progressed downhill from there. When I went out to give the chickens water, I found a dead rooster. As I was dealing with him, I felt like raising some Cain.

Raising Cain is defined as to get into trouble, or to engage in unrestrained or excessively disruptive behavior. It is based on the first son born to Adam and Eve who killed his brother Abel (the first murder ever) and was cursed by God.

So I asked myself is my attitude lining up with the Word of God?

Cain’s offering was not accepted by the Lord and it made him dejected and very angry, and his face grew dark with fury. Then the Lord asked him, “Why are you angry? Why is your face so dark with rage? It can be bright with joy if you will do what you should! But if you refuse to obey, watch out. Sin is waiting to attack you, longing to destroy you. But you can conquer it!”
(Gen 4:5-7 [TLB])

So at one point, yes. It said he was dejected, angry and dark with fury. So yes I was lining up with the Word of God. But not in a good way. I want to be bright with joy instead. And God clearly tells me I can conquer it! (Thanks be to Jesus!)

Then I came in to make my coffee and breakfast, and this was the devotion from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.

June 22

“Thank Me for the very things that are troubling you. You are on the brink of rebelling, precariously close to shaking your fist in My Face. You’re tempted to indulge in just a little complaining about My treatment of you. But once you step over that line, torrents of rage and self-pity can sweep you away.

The best protections against this indulgence is thanksgiving. It is impossible to thank Me and curse Me at the same time.

Thanking Me for trials will feel awkward and contrived at first. But if you persist, your thankful words, prayed in faith, will eventually make a difference in your heart. Thankfulness awakens you to My Presence, which overshadows all your problems.”

Yikes and talk about God’s timing! God telling me I’m on the brink of rebelling! I don’t want to be like Cain. God warned him, and he chose anger and killed his brother anyway. God warned me, and I choose to heed that warning. I will be thankful instead so I don’t cross the same line Cain did and get swept away by anger.

I choose to examine myself to see whether I am living in faith. I will test myself against the Word of God. Because I realize that Jesus is in me, and I don’t want to fail the test like Cain did. (Based on 2 Cor. 13:5 [NIV])

So no matter what you step in during the day, let’s choose to be bright with joy instead, by doing what we should! Okay?

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8 thoughts on “Raising Cain

  1. I needed to read this post today. Thank you for allowing the Lord to minister to us through you. This following sentence moved me: “But if you persist, your thankful words, prayed in faith, will eventually make a difference in your heart.”
    Yes, the difference needs to be made in our heart and the Lord is at work slowly buy surely if we allow him to.
    Blessings to you
    guiYome 🙂

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