Intended Gift

It’s Christmas morning and the kiddos come down to the tree and see all the beautifully wrapped presents. Unfortunately, no gift has a to and from label on it! So no one knows what gift is for whom. Can you imagine the chaos? Little Jimmy opens a gift and gets a tie. Mom opens a gift and gets underwear meant for Dad. What a mess. That is why those cute little holiday labels are meant to be put on the gifts. It shows who the gift was intended for.

The word for defined means in favor of, intended for, and in the interest of. Give defined means to devote or sacrifice for, to hand over for payment.

In this season of Christmas, where we give gifts intended for a specific person, it reminds us that the very first Christmas gift given was Jesus. He gave up his place in heaven as a member of the Trinity to become a human baby, and grew up devoted to sacrifice himself, handed over as payment for our sins.

For, give. Forgive. To give up resentment against or the desire to punish. It also means to pardon or cancel a debt. When we accept Jesus as our Savior, our sins are pardoned. He has paid our debt.

God put a “to/from” label on Jesus. He intended for you to have this gift. Are you going to leave it unwrapped under the tree? Or will you gladly accept this amazing gift of forgiveness in the Spirit in which it was intended?

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13 thoughts on “Intended Gift

  1. One year, i wanted to do this as a learning tool for the kids. No labels on the presents. Just open the presents handed to you. Then, when all the gifts had been opened, give the gifts to the people for which they were intended. “Share” your gifts willingly. Give to those who need eg: you can’t wear or don’t need those socks, but i bet Dad could! You get the idea. I was coerced to not do this. Wish i had! We need to share God’s sacrificial love all year, it’s the One gift we all need, ALL of the time. One size fits all! AND, it’s free. Doesn’t get ANY better. The ultimate gift.

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