Rock star

Yes, I’m that person. And I’m darn proud of it too. You know who I am. I’m a rock star. You know, the one in her car with the music cranked up, singing along, bopping her head, and dancing in her seat. (All while safely holding on to the steering wheel of course!)

That’s why I love this book. It is called Awesome Things by Neil Pasricha. He also has a website I read this book several years ago, and like checking it out from the library whenever I need a pick-me-up. One of my favorites is #737, “Catching somebody singing int their car and sharing a laugh with them.”

“It’s late, it’s quiet, and your stuck at a red light. Casually, you glance to your left and notice a muted expression of furious head bopping, furrowed eyebrows and silent wailing inside, as the driver rocks out alone and in the zone. And there’s just something worth smiling about when you observe that passionate display of pure private pleasure only a few feet away. Suddenly you’re the producer in the booth watching your struggling artist hit the high notes in their tight sound chamber on wheels. Yes, they’ve struggled for years, but now you’re smelling a hit…and a future. So maybe you bop along for a few beats, catch the same song on your radio, or lock eyes with them for a second and share a warm heartfelt laugh. Maybe you feel a tiny flip in your heart as you connect with a total stranger for a few fleeting seconds. And maybe it makes you a tiny bit happier and maybe you smile a tiny bit more. I say today we salute all the highway rockers of the world. Thanks for brightening our day and making us laugh at the reds. Rock on and keep belting them out, because you make the world shine brighter and make our long drives home a lot more…


So let’s sing for joy for the Lord! “Remember what Christ taught and let his words enrich your lives and make you wise; teach them to each other and sing them out in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing to the Lord with thankful hearts.” (Col.3:16 [TLB])

I’ve heard that you sound better while singing in the shower. I’m pretty sure this also applies to singing in your car. So belt out those worship songs at the top of your lungs, bopping your head and be a rock star for Jesus. Shine brighter my rock star friends!

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23 thoughts on “Rock star

      1. I’m a rock star, you’re a rock star, he’s a rock star, she’s a rock star, wouldn’t you like to be a rock star too? (Put that to the tune from the Dr. Pepper commercial from the 70’s, I think!)

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  1. The car is a great venue in my opinion, I eat lunch/picnics there, watch birds on the shore, pray, read and yes I sing too! I belt out my favourite Gaither songs as I drive around town regardless of who pulls up beside me. God is good in giving us so many options to enjoy His presence. God bless you sister.

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    1. I had a car pull up to me when I was in full concert mode, and later found out the son in the car next to me asked his mom who was the lady rocking out in the next car, and she replied, that is our accountant son. I gave that young man something to think about. Yes, accountants have soul too!

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