From Zero to Hero

Today I’m giving you a short blast, yet powerful message of encouragement! To show you how one little zero makes all the difference in the world. Use this and you will go from zero to hero!

In Deuteronomy chapter 28 there are two verses that show the placement of a zero makes all the difference in the world. First, the one with the zero.  “For the Lord himself will send his personal curse upon you. You will be confused and a failure in everything you do, until at last you are destroyed because of the sin of forsaking him.” It is preceded with a caution that says you need to obey the LORD your God and carefully follow His commandments, or verse 20 will happen to you.

But if you remove the zero, obey the LORD your God and follow His commandments, then verse 2 says, “My blessings will chase you down and overtake you.”

From zero to hero indeed, when we honor and obey God. I like verse 2 better, don’t you?

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8 thoughts on “From Zero to Hero

  1. “Forget that despair produced by the realization of your weakness. — True: financially you are a zero, in social standing another zero, and another in virtues, and another in talent.

    But to the left of these noughts, stands Christ. And what an incalculable figure we get!”

    – St. Josemaría Escrivá (“The Way” #473)

    I’m a fan of the zero as well!!!

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