You are so full of it!

I am so proud of myself! I rock technology! Well, sort of. (No laughing please.) A few posts back, I mentioned how I figured out how to download music onto my device so I could listen to it while driving to and from work. I am the proud owner of 150 songs! Then in my infinite technology-ness, I saw a little thing button called “shuffle.” It mixes up the playing order of said songs. Otherwise, they were all being played in alphabetical order.

My word for this year is “release.” I have been led to release a lot of things that have been hindering my growth and walk with God. I liken it to when you were a kid and you picked at a scab. It just opened up the wound again, it started bleeding all over and would not properly heal, until you let it be. Letting go of something means letting it be. You just do what you are called by God do to each day, and leave the rest be. Put it down, and back away. You can’t heal otherwise.

That’s why when someone recently told me I’m full of it and live in a fantasy world, I was so shocked I almost fell off my unicorn!

Defined, “being full of it” means you are lying, making something up, exaggerating, or just saying something that is just not true. It can also be being full of the devil, naughty, or mischievous.

I prefer this definition instead. “For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” (Luke 6:45b [NIV])

The first part of this verse states, “A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart.” I want to be full of God and not full of the devil or full of myself.

By having worship songs in my device, and listening to them for an hour each day, (the time of my commute), I am storing up good things in my heart. By reading the Word of God, and Christian books, I am storing up good things in my heart. My heart is now full of it! Good things, that is.

When something negative happens or is said over me, I can let it be. I can release it to God, and let Him take care of it, and I don’t have to pick at the scab. It can heal over and I can move on.

I am so full of worship in my heart that is it coming out of my mouth and displacing the negative. I am releasing worship unto God, and the rest just falls away as less than. It is not as important as my worshiping God and living fully dependent on Him. Light always displaces the darkness, and I am a child of the Light. I will displace it with what is stored in my heart.

When I began this year, I did not even imagine that my word release would take on a whole new dimension. It has changed my whole outlook on each day. Isn’t God good that way?

So the next time someone says I’m full of it, I will thank them, because, obviously, they can see the good light coming out of me.

So, let’s get back up on our unicorns and ride off into the light, releasing our praise and worship unto God, for He alone is Worthy!

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14 thoughts on “You are so full of it!

  1. The part about falling off your unicorn brought a chuckle. My theory is some “unicornless” folks simply want to bring us down to their level. Everyone should ride Shetland ponies, you know? Not this cowboy!🤠 Since I have God, I want to enjoy all of Him. Great post!

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      1. I actually come from farmer, rather than rancher, stock. But I can put in t-posts and take them out like nobody’s business. No, I don’t want to come to your place and put in t-posts. 😀

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