Today my post contains one of my favorite words, vassal. I even did a post on it back in October 24, 2018. (

So when I heard this word in a movie the other evening, fief, I was led to investigate and use as a post.

A fief was an element of medieval contracts based on feudal law. It was between an overlord and a vassal, who held it in fealty or “in fee” in return for feudal allegiance, services, and/or payments. The feudal land used was known as fiefs or fiefdoms. A feudal lord would protect his investment in his vassals, as they generated income. They were under his protection and part of his sphere if influence.

Which got me to thinking how we are all feudal lords. We have all been entrusted with an area or sphere of “property” that we have influence over. God has placed us in the town, job, church, family etc. that He wants us to influence by being Jesus to every one we come into contact with, or our “vassals.”

It is our job to take this assignment seriously. We have a responsibility to these people to shine the love of Jesus onto them. God has placed them under our protection. It is our fidelity, our responsibility to be loyal and faithful to the promises of God and our duty to our “vassals.”

Not that we are subjugating them to our will, or making them our slaves, but that we care so deeply for the people in our sphere of influence, that we keenly look for opportunities to serve them! In doing so, we might just be allowed to be used by the Holy Spirit to crack open their hearts to want to know more about the Jesus who has changed our lives.

(As a post script, as my brother Alan in from Fief Scotland, I cannot wait to see what amazing insight he has to add to this post!)

So let’s go out into our sphere, being the best feudal lords (and ladies) we can be today, for the Kingdom of God!

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24 thoughts on “Fief

      1. Wow sister! Being a long time fan of historical fiction and dramas, here is a topic I can get excited about indeed. You certainly have reminded me of many such stories. Your description of the feudal system is good, but I would add one detail…often lords were greedy when it came to rents. I like your comparison of God’s children to being lords … after all we are Heirs of the King, are we not? We offer protection on the battlefield of prayer for those around us. Unlike many greedy Lords we invest in those dear to us, in prayers and sharing the Words of our King, Almighty God.

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  1. When leaving the house, I often pray to be an encouragement to others, a voice of God’s wisdom, and a winsome person drawing others to Jesus. Now I’ll have a visual to go along with my prayer: a feudal lady looking for vassals to bless and serve! Thank you G.S.S.T!

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  2. I’m amazed how you’ve spoken directly to something that’s been on my heart so much lately. Love it when that happens! I can’t get away from the thought that we are the only ones who may be able to reach the people around us. I couldn’t put it into words well, and you spoke it perfectly. Thank you for this beautiful post!

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    1. I love when God does this! I;m so grateful to the Holy Spirit for prompting me! I had this post and another one I was kicking about, but felt led to write this one today! God is so good to us! Thanks for your encouragement.

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  3. Your thought reminds me that a person living under the feudal system was almost totally at the whim of the Lord in charge. If the boss was a bad guy they had a hard life, but if he was a good guy they were fine. I’m thankful our Lord is a good God.

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  4. “For who is greater, the one who is at the table or the one who serves? Is it not the one who is at the table? But I am among you as one who serves.” It is easy to sit around the table and be the ‘lord,’ but that is not who we are called to be. May have to use this analogy in a sermon! Thanks for the good word.

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