Hull pressure

The weather lady on my local news channel was laughing while making her report. When asked why by a news anchor, she said, “It’s because I have to tell you every Wednesday that we are getting another snow storm. It’s becoming a trend.”

I am so ready for spring. We have a lot of snow here. I mean a lot! We have 6 foot fence posts that are completely buried under snow drifts. Each one of these weekly snow storms that comes in, has accompanying wind, which blows the snow into drifts. Pathways that I have shoveled clean, are buried each time under 4 to 5 foot drifts. My husband has plowed the snow into over 15 foot high snow banks!

On the northeast side of our yard, the fence is also 6 foot high. But the ground slopes down to the fence, which I guess is ideal conditions for snow drifting. When there was only one foot of fence showing, I began shoveling a pathway around the fence line so the dogs would not get out of the yard. I had to keep up with that path with each additional storm. Well, this last week the dogs decided it was no longer a barrier, and over the top they went.

When I looked out the kitchen window, I saw two of the dogs, across the county road in the pasture with the cows!

So it was a matter of making the fence taller. We have 16 foot cattle panels that are 5 feet tall, but they are buried under a pile of snow. Then when I was getting something from the freezer in our crawl space, I spotted some metal tomato cages from our garden, peaking out of a snow bank. So I dug those out and we lined them around the fence to make it taller. It seems to be working, as the dogs are still in the yard today.

After working a hard day of tax season at the office, to come home, shovel snow, put up fence until 7 p.m. was exhausting! We love our dogs as family, and I don’t want them to be hurt by the cows, or coyotes. So the pressure of getting a solution in place was a bit overwhelming that day.

When praying at the church this week, we were praying about outside influences that exert pressure on us, and how grateful we are that the Holy Spirit lives inside of us, to fill us with the power of God. My mind went to a picture of a submarine. The deeper we go, the pressure increases and could crush us.

So how do subs survive where people can’t? The hull of a standard ship is the metal outside that keeps the water out. Most submarines have two hulls, one inside the other, to help them survive. The outer hull is waterproof, while the inner one (called the pressure hull) is much stronger and resistant to immense water pressure. The strongest submarines have hulls made from tough steel or titanium.

The pressure of water pushing inward is the biggest problem for anyone who wants to go deep beneath the ocean surface. Even with scuba tanks, we can dive only so far because the immense pressure soon makes it impossible to breath. At a depth of 2000 feet (600m), the maximum depth subs ever dive to, the water pressure is over 60 times greater than it is at the surface!

When I mentioned this post idea to someone, she said it was the same idea as with an airplane, where they adjust the cabin pressure to offset the outside pressure of being 30,000 feet in the air.

So when I read this in one of my devotionals this morning I had to laugh!

“When God wants to bring more power into your life, He brings more pressure.” (A.B. Simpson) The more impossible your circumstances seems to you, the more glory God will receive when the situation is resolved.

He does this to help us grow and become more like Jesus. He wants us to become all He has created us to be, and He brings more pressure to turn us from a lump of coal into a beautiful diamond.

God has built us with the capacity to withstand outer hull pressure, if we daily fill ourselves up with His presence and power. Let Him help you adjust your cabin pressure so your hull does not break apart in a crisis. Let’s let our weaknesses bring more glory to God so He can show off His power through our situations.

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26 thoughts on “Hull pressure

  1. Thank you for this wonderful encouragement today. I especially liked the part, “The more impossible your circumstances seems to you, the more glory God will receive when the situation is resolved.” Very true and so cool learning about the hulls of a submarine!

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  2. You are definitely in for God getting great glory, with all the shoveling of thick snow after your office job! Learned much about pressure in a submarine, as I had never known about the 2 hulls. God uses so many things in our lives to refine us, so our testimony is great. Blessings!

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  3. I must confess…when I saw your title I didn’t think of submarines but of the town on the East coast of England!
    Back to your topic…excellent sister! I was gonna add a comment about how pressure creates diamonds, but you were on it hallelujah!
    Isn’t it amazing how our Father God controls our pressure?


  4. I love this! God has certainly been adjusting my cabin pressure, as of late. It hasn’t necessarily been loads of fun, either. I suppose that’s what spiritual growth feels like. The hardest part is coming back around to relearn something I haven’t learned properly yet. Like Yoga Berra said, “It’s like déjà vu all over again.”

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    1. Hey, when God puts something on my heart to share, He gives me the power to post it! Napping is in my immediate future! I am grateful, because the sky is blue and the sun is shining. No snow in the immediate future, just wind. So I’ll see about snow drifts, after my nap!

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  5. Thank you for this encouraging word! A lot of pressure going on here lately. We haven’t had a lot of snow this year in Northwest Pa which is very unusual because living by the Great Lakes we commonly have a lot of snow. Thankful for the break as hearing your story is a reminder of how much I hate snow.

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