I, and I alone

“I am the ultimate authority.” Some folks truly believe this. “I, and I alone, am the ultimate authority. I make the rules for my own life and act accordingly.”

The weather on Friday here in Colorado was awful! I checked the state highway cameras and saw it was low viability and the roads were snow covered. I have already spent several nights at my office due to bad weather this winter, but this was a huge storm coming, I did not want to spend the whole weekend at the office. Plus I knew the fence lines would have to be shoveled to keep the dogs in the yard. So I thought I’d try driving home anyway. This is what I encountered. Blowing snow, the roads were not plowed, sometimes I was being safe and drove in the middle of Hwy 50 until approaching cars came, then I prayed I would not get sucked into the snow on the side of the road when I moved out of the way.

I caught up to a line of cars doing 25 mph, and was content to be with others. Then one of these people who think they alone make the rules, came up to the pack in his pickup. Apparently the rules of nature do not affect him either, because he decided it was acceptable to pass 10 of us at once, with low visibility, on a blind curve, on an unplowed road. Then we all came upon a pickup hauling a flatbed trailer parked on the highway, on the opposite side of the road! The guy on that trailer was getting his spare tire off. (How awful to have a flat in that weather!) The selfish pickup driver swerved back into the cars he was trying to pass, nearly hitting a car, to miss the trailer on the highway, then zoomed back out again, to finish passing us all, as we were obviously going to slowly to suit him.

Needless to say some serious praying was going on, in all the cars I’m sure. I know I sure was calling on the name of Jesus! I’m also pretty some name calling was going on too!

My 27 mile “white knuckle grip of death on the steering wheel” drive home was awful. But God got me home safely, and I thanked Him profusely!

Incidents like these just stun me. People like this guy think there are no consequences to his actions. He did not care that he could have caused a huge wreck. He did not care that he could have seriously hurt or killed people. He just had to get where he was going with no thought of others. It was the ultimate definition of selfish. “Caring supremely or unduly for one’s self; regarding one’s own comfort, advantage, etc., in disregard, or at the expense, of those of others.” Sounds just like this guy.

Then I had to pray for this selfish guy too, and for those who he was coming into contact with. That they would be kept safe from his actions. And as for him, if he keeps driving like this, he will be going to meet the Ultimate Authority who really does make all the rules, God. And probably sooner than he expects.

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20 thoughts on “I, and I alone

  1. It’s sad to see folks who seem to only think of their own wants, needs, and desires. That’s one thing I appreciate about the Christian faith. Jesus Christ clearly put the whole world’s needs ahead of His own, by willingly dying to save us from our sins. “Honor others above yourself,” says the Apostle Paul. Nuff said! We should all do likewise.

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  2. I have made that SAME drive, with the SAME reactions, especially being in the comfort of others going the same slow speed, with that SAME pickup driver behind me. I always feel smug when i see him have to return to his proper lane at the same proper speed then marvel at why i never see them on the side of the road….. proof, i assume, that Jesus takes the wheel for fools too! Thank you Jesus ✝️✨

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  3. Wow you were brave to drive in those conditions and I am glad you made it safely! I have never had to contend with snow, but I recall trying to make it home during a massive thunderstorm and ending up taking shelter in an underground carpark while hail pelted down. It was scary and I wished I’d stayed where I was at work!

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  4. I remember living in Montana and driving in those conditions. I also remember the idgits like the one you encountered in the truck. Don’t miss either, although there are idgits in all seasons and places. Spare us, good Lord, from the idgits of this world.

    Glad you made it home safely!

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  5. Cindi, if you are stuck again due to weather or any reason you can always come stay at my home instead of braving the roads home. Please keep me in mind! Xoxo

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