Jaw dropping

Some days, I am just stopped dead in my tracks, with my jaw hanging down to the ground. Yesterday was one of those days.

After a particularly rough morning, I was sitting at the desk in my office, saying my memory verses out loud and asking God for help and peace. Then I glanced up at the window, and there was a morning dove flapping its wings, remaining in place until I saw it. It lingered for a moment more, then it flew off.

Doves are found throughout the Bible, literally and symbolically, from Noah and the Ark to the baptism of Jesus Christ. The dove has been a common symbol of the Holy Spirit throughout Christian history.

I am in absolute awe of God! That He cares for each one of us, listens to our every prayer and then answers. There is no way I could have ever predicted the response I received, which shows how magnificent He truly is. He CAN do anything!

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33 thoughts on “Jaw dropping

      1. It never fails to amaze me how often God the Holy Spirit uses Creation to speak and bless us. Such moments as your morning dove have a profound effect that can last for years; I speak from personal experience on a few occasions that are dear to me.
        God bless you sister!

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  1. I believe a mourning (morning) dove can present compassion and kindness, a peaceful love and contentment towards one in a difficulty….kind of like a rough, troublesome, emotionally complicated or spiritually challenging morning you had. This dove was hovering a spectacular display and on assignment with a message of tranquility, renewal of hope, awareness of God’s promise for your inner life and spirit that said “everything’s gonna be ok”. God gives what He knows we need!

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  2. Oh my gosh, I love this sign from GOD, just for you, when you needed it! God takes such good care of us. This is just a beautiful story. 😍

    And it’s amazing how the dove posed for your picture. Heehee Seriously, that is a great picture. What site do you use for images?

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