Short and sweet

This weekend I get to drive 35 miles one way, over 2 mountain passes to do my quarterly stock up shopping at the closest Super Walmart. It is usually an all day ordeal—driving, filling two carts, loading the car, driving, unloading the car, putting all the stuff away.

So this week’s post is going to be short and sweet.

(No Alan from Scotland and David from Oklahoma, this does not mean mini Snickers!)

If I leave everything in God’s hands, I will see God’s hand in everything.

“Everything is pure to those whose hearts are pure.” (Titus 1:15a [NLT])

There. My work here is done.

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31 thoughts on “Short and sweet

    1. Needless to say that did not happen this winter, as we had easily over 6 feet of snow where I live. So now that spring has arrived and everything is mostly melted, it is safe to go! Abundant blessings to you as well!

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  1. We truly are blessed in Scotland that our Walmart (Asda in the UK) is just five minutes away with a host of other supermarkets to choose from. Hearing about your trek makes me more appreciative!
    If we are new creatures in Christ, God is in our daily lives…even grocery shopping. He can use even that to serve Him!
    May He guide and bless you in your shopping 🙏

    P.S. Saturday is my wee breakfast treat of bacon, egg, haggis … so yummy. I won’t have room for even a mini snickers bar! 😁

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    1. He does guide my every day, even my shopping. I am always on the lookout for whom I can bless with a kind word of encouragement. And in the post I said I “get” to go not “have”to. God gives me the ability and the resources to go and stock up shop. I am truly blessed! p.s. Sorry about you not having room for even a mini snickers!

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      1. Good evening! Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish made of Sheep offal, suet and oatmeal. it is seasoned well and cooked/steamed in a bag which traditionally was the membrane of the animal’s stomach. It is a lovely spicy savoury meat served with mashed potatoes and turnip either on St. Andrew’s Day (30th November) or at a Burn’s Supper celebrating the life of Robert Burns the national poet (25th January).


      2. Ok thanks Alan. Your description reminds me of a story… I went to Ireland and wanted to try their traditional foods so at a breakfast buffet, I dished out some of every variety but didn’t look at the labels. I ended up liking everything. And good thing I didn’t read what it was in advance. Names like “blood pudding” tasted good but didn’t sound good. Haggis sounds like that. Haha

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  2. My sons live in Montana, so I’m familiar with ranchers stocking up at Walmart. Up in Big Sky Country, they are called “Ice Chest People.”

    When I saw your photo I thought, “Oh boy, more snickers.” 😊 If you do happen to buy any, may I have Alan’s—since he said he didn’t want it?

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  3. “If I leave everything in God’s hands, I will see God’s hand in everything.

    “Everything is pure to those whose hearts are pure.” (Titus 1:15a [NLT])”

    Profound! I hope you enjoy your Walmart excursion! And I thought our 22 miles one way to Costco was grueling. 🤨🙂

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