Snake in the grass

Time for another tale from the ranch. Please be so kind as to set down your coffee first. I had the privilege of fulfilling the Word of God this morning! Let me tell you all about it!

Saturday morning, I went out to do my chores and give water to the chickens. We have a small transition coop where we put the chickens that are too small to go in with the others. This gives them a chance to get to know each other first. We’ve never had any problems with it in the past, but this morning was different. A two foot snake was in with them, and had killed 14 of our 1 ½ month old chicks! It slithered away before I could get it. So I took all the poor chickens out and the others were freaked out, and would not come down out of the nesting boxes for food and water.

This morning, while doing the same chores, it was a cooler morning, and I saw the snake laying in the grass about 3 feet away from the coop. As I was wearing my knee high muck boots, I felt confident enough to step on it. I stepped on it’s body to hold it in place. Then I took the heel of my boot and crushed it’s head. It kept writhing and squirming, so I took out my little pink Swiss Army knife and cut off it’s head.

I could swear I heard the little chicks cheering me on!

Which come to the fulfillment of God’s Word.

So the LORD told the serpent (satan) that from know on you and the woman will be enemies, and she will crush your head. (See Genesis 3:14-15)

Spiritually, there was nothing more intensely satisfying than crushing the head of satan first thing in the morning. It just kind of sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Killing the enemy is the best way to start any morning!

I hope all of you have a good day dealing out blows to him too.

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34 thoughts on “Snake in the grass

    1. That’s what we have. Over 250 full grown chickens, and then 16 left of the 30 original chicks, and then we have another 30 in a coop in the house until they are big enough to go outside. We do have couple of big roosters, but am definitely keeping an eye out for other snakes.

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      1. Wow! You are a serious chicken herder! Congrats on catching that threat and neutralizing it. What kind of snake was it.

        You know, what that snake did reminds me a lot of the devil. There was no way he could eat 14 chicks. It was just killing because he could do it. Just like the devil. Just creating hatred, violence, and destruction for the sake of it all.

        Would love some pictures of your spread some time. I bet it’s lovely!

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  1. What a great advertiser you are for Swiss Army Knives, haha! 😁
    There is not much call for stomping on snakes heads in Scotland, but if there is a future problem I know who to call.
    I love stamping on Satan though; when he messes with me it drives me to God, His Scripture and praising Him in song. Just to twist the knife a bit I thank Satan for reminding me of God’s presence and provision…that really does send him slithering away.

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  2. Wow…you’re brave! I’m hoping the snake was not venomous? Snakes are protected in Australia, which makes no sense to me since we have some of the deadliest! It is illegal to kill them, so instead we “relocate” them. 😉

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  3. So good! Thank you for sharing this post. How many times have I allowed Satan to steal hours of my day (many of your chicks) by buying into his lies. When I remember to pray to silence him, (cut off his head) it is a huge victory! So sorry for your loss of young chickens.

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  4. No other blogger on earth could have written this post better than you. And this makes it gold. By telling a story from your own life on your own ranch, and then making a biblical application, you’ve raised the blogger bar. This post is worth 50, “Let me bore you with my laborious thoughts on Psalm 119.”

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