Not giving it the time of day

Last time I checked, you cannot buy more hours in a day from Amazon. (I know, I’ve checked.) Each and every one of us is given the same 24 hours. It’s up to us how we choose to spend them.

As for me, I have been diligently striving not to waste them on negative things. If the content of what someone sends me looks like it might shift my focus onto negative, I just delete it without looking at it. No point getting sucked down a rabbit hole.

So I am no longer giving it the time of day. I’m going to completely ignore and disregard negative things. Someone called the other day and told me the Rapture is going to happen on September 3rd. At first I was thinking, “Yay, thanks for coming sooner than later Jesus!” They went on to tell me that 144,000 would be raptured and the other 7.5 billion were going directly to hell. Well, that’s why reading the Word of God is so important. You can check what someone tells you against the Truth found in the Bible.

When they sent me the ten links to the youtube videos predicting this event, one had something about time travel in the link, so I promptly deleted them all. I have enough to do in a day without wasting my time trying to figure out crazy. I’m going to spend my time on the Truth.

It boils down to this, who do I turn to first when I need help or answers? If I go to the internet, or people then I am not depending on God. I am not seeking to put Him first in my life. I’m saying that something else is more knowledgeable than Him. And that’s just not the case. That’s why He’s omniscient (all knowing) and we’re not.

“To whom else would I go? For You [Jesus] alone have the words that give eternal life. I believe and know that you are the Holy One of God.” (based on John 6:68-69)

Only one Being is worthy enough to consume my every thought, that is the LORD who is great and glorious. I need to seek Him first. For He alone can supply my every need and guide me in everything that I come across in my day.

That is why I do not fear bad news, or live in dread of what may happen. For I am settled in my mind that God will take care of me. (Ps. 112:7 [TLB])

The funniest part of the conversation with the person who sent me the links to watch, was that after they were done telling me about the Rapture on September 3rd, they proceeded to ask if we could set up a lunch date, and the first day they had open was November 1st. So even though they thought what they were telling me was the truth, they wanted to make an appointment for a date after the fact?

Yup. Not giving it the time of day.

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21 thoughts on “Not giving it the time of day

  1. “Hello friend. The world is coming to an end soon. Would you like to join me for lunch afterwards?” 🤠

    I’m with you. The power of negativity is too strong to waste your time on—especially the pointless kind.

    Great post. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: “All that which is beyond necessity is poison.” Rumi

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  2. Date setters drive me crazy! Your acquaintance seems like an interesting person!!! So glad you’re not giving this madness and negativity the time of day! I spend more time combing the news than I should but when it starts to upset me, I know I need to walk away!!!!

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  3. What a sad but funny story, as you say they clearly didn’t think that through. But yes our time is precious and we need to yse it wisely for Him, preferably sharing Good News of Heaven. As I age I am more aware of how short time is and find myself dropping a lot of unnecessary distractions from my schedule in favour of the imperative truth of God’s Word.
    So has that dinner date in Heaven…is there room for one more and several others?

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  4. I like what you said. I have gotten some emails also telling me the Rapture was going to be soon (as in next Tuesday). When people make these predictions, how do they have any credibility afterward? We must know our Bible so that we are not duped (deceived) as the day gets closer and closer!

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