Praise Vacation Time!

Well for most people, with the return of kiddos back to school, vacation time is over. Wrong! I’m here to set the record straight.

The worship leader at my church was telling me of a gentleman who is also a worship leader. She lent me the cassette tape so I could listen to his sermon on taking a praise vacation. (I had to order a portable cassette player, as I could not find my Sony Walkman.)

Kent Henry said that he makes it a point to take 15 minute breaks, go outside and take a praise vacation. Stop the regular work he is doing, and take some time to focus on the goodness of God. Then he is refreshed and renewed to go back to what he was doing.

David Ettinger, a fellow blogger did a post In this post he mentions that “the English word “quietness” comes from the Hebrew word shaqat. According to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, shaqat means, “to be quiet and tranquil, to be at rest, to be undisturbed, to be at peace.” Shaqat comes from a Hebrew root word meaning “to repose, to be idle.”

We seem to have a hard time being idle. I am fortunate, in that I am a napper. I can take a little nap that recharges me. I have also been taking praise vacations. Yesterday, I got an hour nap, and then had a “God coincidence” happen. I was looking up a Ryan Stevenson song, and came “across” one he did with an artist named Richlin. It is my new favorite. So I’m including it for you to enjoy on your next praise vacation. Enjoy Royal Blood.

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8 thoughts on “Praise Vacation Time!

  1. I like the 15 minute praise vacation idea. If it’s too hard to do 15, at first, I can start with 5.

    I am also a serial nap taker. In fact I like to engage in something I call “prayer napping.” It works like this: 🙏Our Father, which art in heaven…😴💤

    Seriously, I sometimes pray myself to sleep.

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